Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Piece of Virginity Gone

It’s been years of thought and consideration. I have had a freelancer write a story about the pros and cons of each method. I have asked questions. And yesterday I did it.

I am no longer a virgin – or least I no longer have virgin hair, hair that has never been dyed.

I am a little sad about the fact I no longer have virgin hair. I am more sad by the fact I noticed I still have a lot of grey/white hair on my head.

Tell me non-hair virgins is this normal?

And of course I watched the royal wedding

I tuned on the TV at 5 a.m. and watched until about 6:20 a.m. I listened to what was happening on the radio on the way into work.

As soon as I walked through work’s door, I made my non-royal-fan coworker turn on the royal wedding coverage while my computer booted up.

In hindsight, I should have taken the day off.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


As I removed a second knife from the drawer to make peanut butter toast for my guy and I this morning, I realized some of my stranger idiosyncrasies still exist.

Take for example the knife.

I already made a peanut butter and brown sugar sandwich (try it before you say ewww) this morning, but I did a few other things before turning my attention to the toast.

Because of that break, I required a new knife.

My guy, thanks to hand-me-downs and generous family members, has a lovely wardrobe.

Despite having favourite pieces, I have to be fair to everyone – or in this case every shirt and pant. Everything has to be worn once before I can go back to that beautiful sweater, my favourite shirt or those nice-coloured pants.

When I was a child and purchased knick-knacks, if there was more than one left I couldn’t choose one over the other – one would be lonely – so I bought both.

When pumping gas, I have to pump to an even number – and I consider multiples of fives even, too. It can’t be $17.17. It has to be $17, $17.20 or $17.15 for example.

How about you, any weird feelings toward inanimate objects or other idiosyncrasies?

Monday, April 25, 2011

‘You Stay Here, Mommy’

He’s two and a half and already he wants to go off by himself.

My guy insists he can do it ‘by self’, wander away and not get into trouble.

But as he wandered all the way over to the next street, up two giant hills and into two deep puddles, he must excuse me for not believing him.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome Long Weekend

Despite the fact I was off Thursday and Friday two weeks ago and last Friday because of an illness that is just beginning to let go, I am ready for a long weekend.

I am ready to spend a day doing whatever we want – painting eggs, digging in dirt, playing in the water, jumping in puddles maybe with new rubber boots, racing cars and sculpting playdough.

Happy long weekend, everyone.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lion is Crying. He misses Nana.

My son’s imagination is fantastic. It’s amazing how he has taken what he sees on TV and brings it into his play.

Caillou, Rosie and Sarah, Dora and Diego have all eaten dinner at our house, gone on car rides, had their bums changed and cried and been comforted by my guy.

Right now, E is finds it hysterical when I discipline Lion who apparently bites a lot. Lion has had timeouts and has been banished from whatever room we are playing in.

Lion often feels so badly he got in trouble that he cries.

Last night while in the bath, my guy said Lion was crying. When I asked why, he told me Lion misses Nana. So after explaining to Lion we would see Nana on Sunday and that was five days away, Lion stopped crying and started biting.

When asked, E said he, too, missed Nana.

Other cute kid speak:

‘But I have to’ when you say no to chocolate cake for dinner; to adding more soap to the sink; to opening and pouring water everywhere.
‘Say yes to me, Mommy.’
‘Don’t pull me.’
‘A little bit more’ complete with finger to face showing me just a little bit more.
‘Just one, Caillou. Just one,’ which leads to maybe one more and then another.
‘Cosmo didn’t attack me. Just a little bit.’
‘I took Cosmo’s toys’ with hysterical laughing. Poor Cosmo.
No wonder he attacked. Just a little bit.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Is It?

For the last 10 years these flowers have appeared in my garden in early spring, often before the purple blooms of the crocus. Any idea what they are?

My grandma and I have decided they are not snowdrops as these bulbs have multiple flowers on each stem rather than one. They also have lines of blue through them, which makes them, in my mind, absolutely beautiful.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Freezing Fun Weekend

The weatherwoman was right – it was cold on the weekend. With snow. That stayed on the ground.

Blah to April snow and April snowstorms.

But despite the frigid temperatures, we took our guy on an Easter egg hunt Saturday. We found eggs, decorated a sugar cookie bunny, had hot chocolate, planted a sunflower, made a craft and received a free book.

Thank you, local Kiwanis Club.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It’s Been More Than a Week. How Have You Been?

Me? I have been sick.

Two weeks ago, my guy and I were off so I took him to a playgroup. When we arrived he saw a mass of children and tons of toys. His whole face lit up and he said ‘Mommy, I go?’ With my permission, he dashed into the fray and played with giant soccer balls, walked on top of turned over buckets, talked on a cellphone, moved a bus and played with various other pieces of equipment.

Several days later, I remembered why I usually avoid those types of places. My guy picked up a new bug complete with a hacking cough, of which he shared with me. I got a killer sore throat Thursday and Friday, hit with a cold Friday mid-morning and have also been hacking every since.

Last night, for the first time in almost a week, I slept more than a hour at a time. Good news.

Happy Birthday

Today is our kitten’s first birthday. Cosmo received three new toys and will receive a tag with his name and address on it. My guy wants to celebrate this evening with cake, candles and ice cream – for him, not that cat.

Boo to snow
I hear there is snow in Sunday’s forecast. In my heart I knew winter wasn’t finished with us yet but I am still sad. However, the warmer weather and the burst of colour popping through my garden makes me believe winter’s return will be short lived.

Happy Thursday, everyone.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is It Bad...

...That I have had breakfast, eaten two pieces of fruit and am still hungry and it's only 9:19 a.m.?


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There Was A Time

There was a time when I was never late.

I was always early – really early.

Because I get anxious when I am going to be late – and grouchy – I always leave myself plenty of time to get where I need to go.

I think it’s rude to be late. I think it shows the person you are keeping waiting that her time is less valuable then yours. I would rather plan for variables – traffic, accidents – leave at least a half a hour earlier then necessary, bring something to do and wait in a parking lot until it’s time to meet the person. If it’s an appointment or an interview, sitting in a person's waiting room for 15 minutes shows you valuable their time and are punctual.

Then I met my husband and I was often late.

He likes to do those last-minute things, you know, water the garden, check to make sure everything is locked, those kinds of things, 15 minutes after we were supposed to leave. It ticked me off every time. So then I started telling him I wanted to leave a hour before we actually did. And I wouldn’t get in the car until he was heading that way himself.

Then we had our guy. If it’s just the two of us, I can get him and myself ready, load the car and feed the cat and be on our way in time for almost everything – except daycare.

This morning I asked our daycare provider if I could drop our guy off early. She said she would get up 15 minutes earlier then normal to take us. And then we were late – by 10 minutes. I felt awful when I dropped him off, terrible as we were driving to work and not that great now.

My apologizes again.

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Favourite Season

It used to be I would say summer was my favourite season of Canada’s four.

I still love summer – the hot weather; the sense of freedom, albeit shorter now that I am not in school; the books to be read; the water to be played in; the trips to attend; the traffic that has disappeared. Yes, I still love summer.

But I think I love spring.

This weekend, temperatures soared to double digits in the celsius world. We went without jackets, mittens and snowpants, and didn’t fuss too much when my guy pulled off his hat.

Yesterday, we spent almost the entire day outside playing on two different swing sets, pulling out our outdoor shovels and pails and loading them up with rocks. We gathered twigs and raked the grass, putting it on the fire. We burned our Christmas tree. We ate our snack outside. We threw rocks in the lake, which is beginning to melt.

It was a fantastic weekend full of sunshine that had heat and enjoyably long days.

I love spring.