Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Holidays

My summer holidays usually fall in July.

Pre-child, I liked taking time off around my birthday. Last year, my daycare provider took her holidays in July so I did as well.

This year, my holidays are just about to begin and continue for two weeks.

While any holiday is a fantastic one, I am a little sad with the change in winter.
People, it’s cold in the morning. The outside temperature in the morning is about 15 C (59 F). I have been putting sweaters on my little guy in morning and am thinking of bringing my cape along for the morning ride.

While I will be happy if I have sun, I also want heat – July heat.

Welcome on summer vacation.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh Summer Traffic, Why Did You Stay Away?

I live about a hour away from my work. During the school year, particularly in the winter, it often takes at least a hour and a half to get to work in the morning and just more than a hour to get back home again.

While I like the commute less than I used to, I tolerated it because of what I call the summer traffic break when my 50-minute commute is 50 minutes with no stopping from the time I get on the highway to the time I pull into my workplace.

But the summer traffic season has only three weeks left (Labour Day is Sept. 5) and I have yet to see smooth sailing.

I have been stuck in traffic every morning. At night, if I have had to work late, I have been stuck in it as well.

My stress level never lessened and my wonderful summer traffic has been non-existent.

I think the time of summer traffic and easy commuting is no more.

And that makes me sad.

Ancient Tree

On a happy note, we discovered this ancient tree on a walk we took yesterday afternoon.

My camera’s battery died as we made this discovery so the pictures just don’t do it justice.

But the tree, likely an ancient pine, is huge. There is no bark left and the tree itself has tattoos – lines were the ants and other bugs ate it.

The stories this tree has to tell would be amazing.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Is it Wrong to Be Sad?

My little guy is now in a big boy bed. The first night we set it up, he went to sleep with little fuss.

Yesterday, he started out in his big boy bed for his nap but then we heard all this noise. When he called us to get him up from his afternoon nap, he and all his toys were back in his crib. (He didn’t want this crib taken down, so his bed is currently set up beside his crib.)

Last night he again went to bed with little fuss.

While it makes me smile that he seems happy in his big boy bed, it makes me a little sad of another obvious sign my baby is now a little boy.