Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cosmo’s Big Day

Cosmo is being fixed tomorrow and I am really nervous about it.

I am more nervous about the kitten’s surgery than I was about Sylvester, who lost his manhood later in life.

I think part of the worry is Cosmo has been doing this weird panting behaviour when I make him chase after a string – up and down stairs, up and down the couch and the bed and in circles – for a period of time.

It’s possible I am working him too hard, but many of my pets died due to heart conditions, so it’s in the back of my mind that Cosmo will have troubles, too.

And then there is the fact I have to drop him at the shelter tonight for surgery tomorrow.

How do I explain to Cosmo we are not abandoning him and we’ll see him again soon? Won't he be scared being locked in a cage away from everyone he knows and loves? How can I leave him alone?

Cosmo is four months old. We have had him for three months, and while he bites and scratches and climbs the screens, I love him to pieces. I know he will be fine, but I will miss him.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Warning

I heard a story on the radio this morning that makes me sick.

I am writing about in hopes it will ease the pressure on my heart and allow me to put it aside.

A Toronto two-year-old, who was left inside a SUV in Houston, Texas, for two hours, has died.

The inside temperature of the car reached 50 C (122 F).

The radio report I heard said the toddler’s older sibling was having a seizure, which is why the child was left in the car parked outside a relative’s house.

Initial reports, which I have been reading, didn’t have that information but said the child was forgotten in the confusion of unloading the car from a shopping trip.

Please do not think I am judging because I certainly am not. I understand things get busy and people get distracted. I also understand that is easy to think your spouse is dealing with one child, while you deal with the other.

I guess this awful, tragic and incredibly sad story is a reminder to never let your guard down.

For me it was so hard to continue to drive to work. I wanted to race back to my son, scoop him up and hug him tight.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I Learned While On Vacation

While I was on vacation, I realized:
• I can be a stay-at-home mom.
Sometimes I wonder if that is what I really want or if I am one of those people who only want what she can’t have. But after staying home for two weeks, one week just hanging out and the second camping, I realize I could do this full time.

• One never tires of swinging.
I think my son and I were on the swing for at least a hour several times a day. My guy likes to go high – by himself (on a regular swing) or with mommy or daddy. We went to several parks my first week off and the swings were always his favourite part.

• Exploring the world.
While camping, my mom told me to just let my guy explore the world. She said it’s amazing to let kids go off ‘by themselves’, to see what they do when they don’t think we are watching.
Mom, of course, was right.
I can see why kids disappear. My guy headed straight for the forest behind the trailer and picked up sticks, gathered leaves and went further and further away.
He also left several times, giant bag in hand, to go for a car ride. In that case, he would say ‘bye’, blow kisses, come back for real kisses and hugs and head toward the car, or sit in the grass and play.
It was amazing.
There isn’t as much opportunity to let him head off by himself where we live, however, he did go exploring at neighbour’s property this week.

• Time flies when you are having fun.
My mom also said a vacation wouldn’t be as fun if you were off all the time.
I have to disagree. When I was off for a year’s maternity leave, I still enjoyed last’s year camping vacation.

On a different note, I heard on the radio today the head of Google was saying in the future he could see today’s teens having to change their names because they revealed way too much on facebook and other social media sites.
It’s an interesting point and one everyone – not just teens – should keep in mind.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday – Camping with My Family

The first week of August, my son, my mom, my sister-in-law, my niece and I went camping. It was fantastic.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Of These Days…

Does anyone know if action dreams, or sleepwalking, can kill you?

I am sure one of these days my heart is going to give out after a night of action in my sleep.

Last night, I woke up screaming with my husband yelling at me to stop. I was dreaming Cosmo our kitten was pulled up to ceiling by his string toy and wrapped around the ceiling fan, which we do not have. I also lost our son and suspected he was up there, too.

Thankful, the baby was in bed and the kitten was lying calmly beside me.
The husband, not so much.

Not only was he extremely displeased I woke him up again, but I think he was embarrassed and kept checking the window and muttering ‘people will think I am murdering you in here.’

My heart was beating so fast and my body was trembling. It took a good 10 minutes before my heart returned to normal speed.

While camping with my mom, sister-in-law and niece, I had another action dream, this one seeing me push hard on the light above my head.

I dreamed someone was trying to get to my family through the light and I was pushing them back in the light.

I was thankful my mom woke me up because I think if she waited much longer I might have broken the light. Again, my heart was racing in fear.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger but I am wonder how many years my poor heart can handle this kind of drama.