Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What? Are We In the Fifth Grade?

We were at the beach recently. Despite the cold water temperature, the beach, a grass area, was packed with people enjoying the heat and the beginning of the outdoor season.

My enjoyment, however, was peppered with frustration. There was a family beside me who was talking amongst themselves but at a level loud enough I could hear every word.

And every other word was the F word.

I peaked over and surprisingly, the people were old enough to know better. There were a couple of non-swearing teenagers, but the rest were in their 40s to 70s, using the F word like my son would say ‘again.’


Why is there a need to swear so much? Do people think it’s cool? Are they trying to impress their friends? Are they trying to return to their youth?

By swearing too much, the words lose meaning.

When people who talk like normal, civilized people issue a swear word, the word actually means something, it has impact.

When people use a swear word several times in one sentence, it upsets me. I get angry and frustrated. I am no longer in the fifth grade. Do we need to talk like that?


Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

First-yay! I'm finally able to read your blog again :)

And I know what you mean. It is seriously so annoying. Who are they trying to impress, look cool in front of, or whatever!? It's childish and just plain tacky. Davis is only 10 months and I wish the kid could wear ear muffs sometimes in public!

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I'm with you on this one. One day this guy was hitting on me. Every second and third word was the f word. I finally commented about his language.

He was completely oblivious to what I was talking about. Maybe people just don't even know they are doing it anymore.

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy

Shell said...

I really don't get it, etiher. Now, I do swear some on my blog(I don't think it's a lot, but maybe I should pay attention), but where kids can hear me? NO.

Anonymous said...

Well said! I hate being around people that have to shove swear words into their convos constantly. There are times that I slip and swear, and there are times that a well placed dirty word nicely adds to what I'm feeling. But typically, I remember my Grandmother's take on swearing....it's for people with too limited of vocabulary to express themselves....you know, morons. :)

Great post!


Ronnica said...

Gotta love that it was the teenagers who WEREN'T swearing. I think that using the same words over and over again (no matter what they are) shows a lack of creativity/vocabulary.

Mama Mair said...

Did you confront the swear-ers? Or did you simply stew about it?
Grown up swear. A lot. It's a sort of rite of passage.
And usually grownups who swear that much have been drinking.
And it seems this group was just letting off some steam.
I swear - a lot. And I don't think I'm cool it's just more words.
I swear in different languages too. It's fun and creative.
My daughter know that some words are only for grown up.
There's nothing wrong with adults swearing. We are all grown up.
Now, it is your right to swear or not to swear so don't bash those of us who like using "bad words".

Lana said...

I swear. Especially when I get all riled up. LOL. I have tried to pull back a bit as I'd like to prove to myself that I'm not a big old redneck 24/7

Just 23/7

Mundanemomma said...

People who swear in all their conversations usually lack education and plain common sense. I agree with you here. I also would have been annoyed, and had it been teens, I probably would have said something to them and indicated that there was a young child present, but being the chicken that I am and the fact that it was adults, I probably wouldn't have had the nerve to say much.
People have the right to swear, yes, but people should respect others in public places, especially family-oriented places! There is a reason why there is censorship on movies and tv shows, etc, and that is because that kind of language is inappropriate for young children! So people would do well to remember to censor themselves in the presence of children. But of course, there are many idiots in this world, and most of them think of no one but themselves.