Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Questions, Questions, Questions

Is it too early to eat lunch? It’s 11:15 a.m. and I am starving. Sadly, my lunch consists of crackers, which I have already eaten, a salad and an apple. I think I am going to be hungry after I eat lunch.

Is it just me or do all women wait until they are simply going to pee their pants before they actually get up from their desks and go to the washrooms? I always wait too long and then I am practically dancing to the bathroom. I am at that point now. One minute please …..

….Isn’t 3:30 a.m. a great time to get up? My son seemed to think so this morning when he played with Spider-Man, begged to watch TV and ran down the hall laughing and falling. I know Rainforest Mommy can relate.

Isn’t Murphy’s Law a pain? I finished my newspaper in record time today and a late-breaking story came in and now I am not only going to miss my deadline, but I am going to have to redo at least two pages.


Mama Mair said...

Thanks for stopping by the Bum Bum Patch.
Yes, the boy is getting really big. He now wears 2T clothes. My kids are tall and weigh a whole lot. And my grocery bill is outrageous. I think I'll blog about this. We go through 20 (or more bananas) one tub of stawberries, blueberries, blackberries, one (sometimes two) bags of cheese strings, one loaf of bread, and bags of milk. And these are just the snacks! Cooking meals is a whole other game.

Amy said...

I think 11:30 is a fine time to have lunch. I'm a fan of the 5-6 meals a day school of thought. I can't go more than 3-4 hours between meals without turning into the Bride of Shrek so I try to eat smaller meals more often.

And yes, Murphy's Law sucks!

Ronnica said...

I like to eat a snack around the 11 hour so I eat lunch around 1. That helps, since I don't usually eat dinner until 7ish.