Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Yugh traffic
Traffic has been crazy these last few weeks.

Around the time college and university students were saying farewell to another school year, traffic was fantastic – I barely touched the brake the whole way down the highway.

Then a few weeks ago, traffic became worse then it has been since my return to the daily commute. It stops and rarely picks up again.

The great news is there is only one month until the summer travel season.

Great weather

Southern Ontario weather has been fantastic recently – hot and sunny. I spoke to someone from Greenpeace in Vancouver, British Columbia, and she said the west coast city’s weather has been horrific – rain, rain and then rain again.

But rain, I suppose, is better than snow, which is what relatives in Calgary woke up to last week. Hee, hee.

Saving the world

I am feeling the need to do more for the world, which of course can only help us as individuals. I am in the process of doing interviews for a couple of stories, which I am really proud of.

I don’t often link my personal blog to my work site, but I do think I will make an exception for these two stories, which I hope offers people ways they can also help this world.

Homeless pets
I think I want to start volunteering with my son. I think we are going to play with the cats and walk the dogs at our local animal shelter.

SickKids Hospital
I also really want to do something for the Hospital for Sick Children. Longtime blog readers will know this downtown Toronto facility, which is world-renowned, literally saved my son’s life when he was one month old.

I read a lot of blogs written by Americans and it always breaks my heart, and makes me so thankful to be Canadian, to read about sick children and their families, who, instead of only having to be concerned about getting the best treatment for their loved ones, have to worry about raising money to pay for treatment.

Everyone at SickKids do so much, not only for Canadian children, but children around the world.

Ideas anyone?


Kelly said...

Hi I'm visiting from SITs! I enjoyed your post, and I hope that traffic settles down for you quickly! I think it is great tha tyou are planning to do more in your community! Good luck with that~

Jeannie, Jane, Angel, Mommy, etc.. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope the traffic lets up soon. I'm not allowed to volunteer at any shelters or anything, per the huz. Mainly becuase I would end up being the old cat lady. I'd bring home every animal they had!

Mama Mair said...

Saving the environment is a big task. But it starts small and it starts at home. Why not do a few things at home or office to do your part? Might make you feel more like an enviro-gal, non? Greenpeace-ers can make you feel down about not doing your part in the world - they are a bit crazy. And it always rains in Vancouver. Thought of moving there until I learned it rains daily.

Christina Lee said...

Great idea about the cats and dogs, and hospital!

Stacy's Snippets said...

Great ideas! My sister and I foster dogs for a no kill agency. It's a lot of work but very rewarding. Unfortunately our temperamental chihuahua doesn't always agree with this philosophy.

Love the picture of the kitty. :)

Living in Taradise said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Sorry it took a while to get back to you! I hope that the traffic is clearing by now! We have a puppy that we adopted from a no-kill shelter, we love him!

Me, Myself and Pie said...

I've really been thinking of volunteering more, too. A shelter would be so much fun! (Although, I'd want to KEEP every cat and dog!)