Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome G8-G20ers

Hello protesters, business leaders and politicians from around the world.

Welcome to Canada and specifically to Huntsville and Toronto.

Make yourselves comfortable, but not too comfortable. We want you to have a good time and check out everything that makes Canada great, but please remember we do not want you to destroy our buildings, damage our homes and turn this country into a war zone.

Here in Canada, we welcome you to share your stories and demand change but we think you can make your point without being violent and destructive.

I thought our boss should give us today off because I traffic would be dreadful. It actually wasn’t too bad this morning, likely because anyone who could avoid working today took the day off.

I am not sure if it will mean the drive north will be awful as people who couldn’t leave yesterday will make the trek to their cottages tonight.

Let’s hope not.

While I don’t like being stuck in traffic coming to work, I really hate it when I am stuck in it driving home.

I am fortunate to not have to cover the summit for work and am extremely lucky not to live in downtown Toronto. However, a small part of me thinks it would be fun to be in the thick of it. If I lived downtown, I think I would park my car and watch the action unfold.

A special thank you

And a special thank you to designer Jo from Coconut Palm Designs. I was surprised to see my new header on my blog this morning.

It looks great. Thank you so much.


Libby said...

Great post! I'm stopping by to say thank you for your sweet words on my blog and glad to see my recipe file template is making it's way around the world. Southern Ontario hey? My husband did some of his growing up in Port Credit - is that Southern Ontario?

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

It certainly provides a good show doesn't it? Love the new header by the way!!

Lots of yummy love,
Ma, What's for Dinner

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

While I really hate large crowds and would likely have stayed inside for most of the weekend I'm kinda sorry I'm not there to see all this in person.

You're welcome for the header. I'm glad you like it.

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Small Burst said...

too bad you didn't get the day off. I would think traffic would be a great reason to stay home. Great header too by the way. Congrats. I love blog makeovers.

Christina Lee said...

A day off would have been nice! ;-)

LambAround said...

Greetings from Lamb! Thank you for stopping by to show me some bloggy love. It was quite a shock to wake up and discover that I’d been featured on SITS, especially with my face covered in sticky cinnamon! Now I have lots of fun new blogs to explore. If you do try out my face mask, be sure to take a photo and email it to me. I’ll feature you in a post with a link to your blog :)

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