Thursday, June 6, 2013

I have a craving for GMO-free snacks

I have had a craving for GMO-free foods for quite some time now. Or at least a few specific genetically modified organism (GMO)-free foods. I recently received a generous gift from Toronto’s Daniel Clarke from Bare Foods - an online store selling 22 products from six brands. All Bare Foods do not have GMOs, artificial flavours, high fructose corn syrup, harmful preservatives, hydrogenated oils and bleached or enriched flour. The are all nature and all delicious. Well, except for the mocha dark chocolate bar, which was too dark for me, and the chilli protein chips, which were too spicy. Right now, I have a serious craving for Sommersaults, little sunflower bites of deliciousness, that come in cinnamon, where you don’t taste the sunflower seeds, and sea salt, where the seed taste is quite strong. I wouldn’t say no to the dark chocolate and peanut butter bar, nor a chocolate quinoa bar. I would also say yes to the Taste of Nature bars. Who know GMO-free would be so addictive.

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Christina Lee said...

I'll take your dark chocolate off your hands! :D