Thursday, November 17, 2011

Move Over Chinese Pre-Folds, There is a New Cloth Diaper in Town

Readers of this blog will know I love using cloth diapers, and I don’t hesitate to tell anyone I talk to that they, too, should go cloth.

My guy has been toilet trained for months. He does, however, still use diapers during naptime and overnight. And because E is a heavy wetter, he uses disposables during those times.

So when I received an email from Mohammed at Lil Helper asking if I still used cloth diapers and if I would be willing to try his version, I jumped at the chance.

If Lil Helper’s diapers would keep E dry, I would buy a set.

I wish I could have captured E’s expression when I put on Lil Helper’s charcoal bamboo cloth diaper.

Super soft, the diaper and its two bamboo inserts with seven layers of absorbent cloth, stayed in place with snaps.

Mohammed also provided me with additional cotton inserts that went inside the diaper. Snaps are also used to keep the diaper on.

Once on, my guy jumped up and paraded in his new blue diaper. ‘Look, Mommy,’ he said before dancing around in the house. Cloth diaper bum is the cutest thing around, but Lil Helper cloth diaper bum is even more fantastic.

Sadly, E didn’t make it through the night with the Lil Helper diaper, but in fairness, he often doesn’t make it through the night in disposables either.

Last night, while getting ready for bed, he asked to wear his Lil Helper diaper. We plan to try it during naptime on the weekend.

I think for a child who is not a heavy wetter, these diapers would work wonderfully. If I discovered Lil Helper before E was potty trained, I would have bought them. If we ever have more children, Lil Helper is where we will turn to.

In addition to being beautifully made, Lil Helper’s diapers are:

* All In Ones. You do not need to buy an additional diaper cover.

* One-size fits all. The same diaper will fit your baby from seven to 35 pounds.

* The outer layer is made from waterproof, yet breathable materials.

* Through Lil Helpers Baby Do Good program, for every three diapers purchased by its customers the company pledges to gift a new cloth diaper to a family in need.

* Mohammed and his family are down-to-Earth, easy to talk to and funny. Nader is also an owner and founder of this company. Both men and their families live in Toronto.


Karen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I did cloth diapers with covers for my oldest. I lasted 3 months. Until it got so messy. That was over 21 years ago!

Unknown said...

They look cool, but cloth diapers are still disgusting to deal with. After experiencing them with Kadybug, I would never buy them (not that I'll ever have need to!). I just can't fathom putting poop crusted stuff into my washing machine, yuck! Even during potty training, if my boys had an accident and pooped in their undies, they went into the garbage! But good for you for trying them.

Christina Lee said...

These look great--my friend uses cloth, I"ll send her a link!

SAHMommy said...

I use these too! I love them. They look great, fit great, and wash up real nice. I'll send your blog along to friends to give them a nudge. What a great product.

Gandhi @ Lil Helper Diapers said...

I am Mohammed, co-founder of Lil Helper Diapers.

You need to give cloth diapers another look, even if you don't use it yourself. CDs have come a long, long way in the last 5 years. If you have any questions, I would be more than glad to answer them for you.

Cloth diapering isn't for everybody and things sometimes do get messy but the benefits of using sustainable diapering practices far outweigh any extra effort. If you do not like to get your hands dirty, I'd suggest using a disposable liner sheet that is no different from the dryer sheet that we use. This non-woven sheet catches all the poop and can be flushed. Do give cloth another shot.

@Christina Lee
If you like how they look, you'll love the functionality of these wonderful poop catchers. Please share the link with your friends and family and send them to our website: and if there are any additional questions they can get in touch with me at

Thanks for using our diapers. Its always heartening to hear good things from other parents. I almost don't need my last espresso shot of the day. Thanks for keeping the pirate ship afloat.