Friday, June 12, 2009

Living with Dinosaurs

My husband has this fabulous book. It’s The Golden Book of 365 Stories (A Story for Every Day of the Year) with pictures by Richard Scarry. He received the book from his grandma and grandpa at Christmas 1971.

I have been reading it daily to our son. The stories are great - short, only a few paragraphs in length with some poetry thrown in. It’s been really fun to read the stories because they seem to work. The day I read about a man who hates the rain, it’s actually raining outside.

On May 24, a read a story about Poor Mr. Robin.

In this particular story, Mr. Robin is disappointed when he sees his new babies. In his words, his youngsters are “skinny, scrawny, nosily little babies”. He didn’t show off his new additions to the neighbouring animals until he was introduced to their children and discovered equally scrawny and noisy babies.

I can relate.

For the second year, we have a robin family at the corner of our house. The baby looks like a Teradactyl.

But when I saw him peak his little head out, it didn’t matter any more. A baby is a baby.

Congratulations robins.

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