Thursday, June 11, 2009

Driving Pet Peeves

When you drive as much as I used to, there are things that other people do that drive you crazy - and vice versa I am sure.

The Swooper
There is nothing worse when you are driving along and some moron in a big SUV comes speeding up behind you and sits there as if waiting for you to move over. That really annoys me. I drive a Sunfire. It’s not that big. Surely if you are driving that fast, you can plan it so you can swoop around me. If not, continue speeding but slow down a safe distance away and then pass.

The Tailgater
If I can’t see your headlights, you are too close. If I have to slam on my brakes, you are going to hit me. I have a baby in the back. If you hit me, you will regret it.

The Signaller
The purpose of a signal light is to signal your INTENT to turn. Don’t put it on after you have already moved into the left-hand turn lane and perhaps you should put it on before you turn into the driveway.

The Impatient One
If you go just more than 80 kilometres per hour, you can actually stretch a tank of gas a lot longer. However, sometimes 80 feels a tad ... slow. So I tend to go about 90. If that speed is too slow for you, I understand. However, please note The Tailgater and the Swooper. Don’t make hand gestures at me. This is the speed I am travelling. Get over it. Pass me. But if tailgate me, I am going to go 80.

The Inconsistent One
I don’t care if you want to go 70 km/hr but then go 70. Don’t go 70, then 100, then 80. And if I am trying to pass you because you were going 60 but then speed up as I move to pass, that’s just rude. Saying that, I apologize. Sometimes I am inconsistent. I miss cruise control.

And a couple of other notes:

* When I took Young Drivers of Canada, the instructor told a story that has stuck with me all these years.
Someone was trying to pass a dump truck. Instead of keeping back for a clear view around the truck, he would swerve into the oncoming lane to see if it was OK to pass. It wasn’t and he hit the instructor’s friend who was in the other lane, killing him instantly.
* A couple of years after I got my license, a car-full of ex-classmates were killed when they were hit head-on by a moron who passed up a hill.
Nothing is so important that you need to pass up a hill.

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Anonymous said...

I have met everyone of these drivers. The one that still stands out in my mind is the night I was coming home around 3 a.m. I was in the "slow" lane and I heard what I thought was either a plane or something from outer space coming up behind me when I saw this red flash. This idiot must have been going 200KL an hour. I was doing the limit at 100. I wonder if he got where he was going alive???? Is it really necessary for these "GUYS" to travel so fast!

If any "guys" are reading your blog, take note, your not macho, your an IDIOT because people like you take innocent lives and ruin families.