Monday, June 15, 2009

Flat Busted

I once saw a card. It read: “I wanted to buy you a gift but I am flat chested.” Inside it said: “And I don’t have any money either.”

I should have bought that card.

Despite being Dutch, many women in my mom’s family have no chests - none, zip, zero.

And I love it.

I haven’t really worn a bra since I went on maternity leave in October. I would like to think I was driving home and I unsnapped my bra and flung it out the window, but I know that didn’t happen as the maternity shirts I have wouldn’t allow my to go braless. However, I know I came home that night, took off my bra, put on a tank top and have been braless since.

And it feels great.

There are many advantages to being flat chested, including:

* I don’t have to purchase expensive bras because there is nothing to hold up.
* I feel free not being stuck in a bra.
* I don’t have to worry about suffocating my son when he is nursing.
* I can sit close to the table and not worrying my breasts are resting on it.
* I don’t have to worry about bouncing breasts when exercising.
* I don't have back, shoulder or neck problems.
* I can purchase flat-busted cards.


Stephanie said...

I am not flat chested. Although I do not wish to be flat chested, I do sometimes wish my breasts did not bounce so much when I excercise.
It hurts.

Betty said...

Like you Lisa, I'm flat chested and love it. I hate wearing a bra..... not only are they restricting they are uncomfortable. Free is the way to go.

Cat said...

LOL with tears streaming down my face...I am totally at the opposite end of the scale....being "well endowed"...
I can say that the "gravitational pull" has officially hit me....I roll over in the middle of the night to find one caught in my armpit...I have had the underwire puncture the underside of my arm...and I too have said..."who is the sadistic b...ard who invented the bra?"
Thanks so much Lisa for drastically improving my mental state of mind on this "blah Tuesday after the long weekend morning"...