Friday, June 26, 2009

It’s Vacation Time

Beginning Saturday, we are on vacation. Not to say the last eight months hasn’t been a vacation but this a “real” vacation. We are going camping with my parents. And when I say camping, I really mean RVing.

When my parents turned in their tent for a RV, I must admit I teased them about not being real campers any longer.

I told them when you have a bed, a TV and a kitchen, it stopped being camping and start being hoteling on wheels.

And then I went with them.

I never want to go in a tent again.

So I won’t be posting next week.

Happy Canada Day and we’ll talk soon

As a side note, thank you to Kathy Kacer for commenting on my blog. I am honoured. Second Story Press ( also Twittered me.

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Mundanemomma said...

Have a great time!!