Friday, June 19, 2009

Here a Shadfly, There a Shadfly, Everywhere a Shadfly

Even though you have to walk with your mouth closed at this time of year and every time you step, you kill a dozen or so of the creatures, I can’t help but like the shadfly.

Perhaps it’s because they are dragon-like in appearance. They have patterned wings and horn-like ears and they don’t bite. A real bonus for me.

However, perhaps there is too much of a good thing. During what I like to call Shadfly Season, the air, walls, ground, water and every other surface is littered with these bugs.

I once got gas and I couldn’t move stepping or squishing one or two. To make myself feel better about these deaths, I have been known to save the shadfly from fish by plucking it out of the water and telling it to fly free.

Obviously for naught.

According to, these 300-million-year-old insects only live for a few hours and up to 14 days. That website offers some great information on the shadfly.

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