Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Hideous

At some point in time, cute baby feet turn into old ugly feet.

Feet fall into three categories: baby, ugly and hideous.

I have hideous feet. My husband and stepdaughter think their feet are pretty, but they are wrong. Everyone’s feet are ugly. There are no exceptions.

I realize feet have a hard job.

They have to shoulder, so to speak, the weight of their person and walk, jog or run most of the time, which of course does not help in the pretty department.

We had a man come over to our house recently to fit us for orthotics. The poor man had to touch my hideous feet, followed by my stepdaugher’s ugly feet. I told him I couldn’t do his job. Touching feet! Yuck.

So you would think I would always have my feet - and everyone else’s - covered up.

Not so.

While, toe nail polish, and its fingernail polish counterpart, give me the creeps, I hate wearing socks and love nothing better than going barefoot inside or sandals out.

Even ugly feet deserve to be free.


mundanemomma said...

I soooooo agree with you. Feet are disgusting!! I can't stand other people's feet touching me, even the other kids'. Baby feet are ok, and my own kids' feet are ok too, but that's it! I also have hideous feet.

Alexx said...

you guys are on crack. there's nothing wrong with feet.

Cat said...

Dear Alex....
feet are either the first thing or the last thing you see on a person depending on whether you start at the head and look down or start and the feet and look up...yes feet are different...with long skinny ones...short stubby ones...but I must admit the worst thing about feet is the fact that some are perfectly kept and nicely polished and then much to my dislilke....SMELL....my daughter ANL has the foulest smelling feet that god ever gave one human being....recently on a drive home I made her fling out her foul smelling shoes out the window because I believed they were the cause of the "stench" in my car...also I made her roll down the window and we drove with her feet out the window....i could not stand that smell in the small confines of my car....YUK!!!