Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Creeping Pain

A note to gardeners: Don’t plant Creeping Jenny.

I planted a small cutting of the yellowed-flowered plant in my garden to fill in some holes and I just want to tell you it ... well, er ... creeps. Until I started digging it up yesterday, I thought plants that spread were the greatest thing in the world.

Now I feel completely different.

Not only does Creeping Jenny creep, it creeps at a furious pace, killing everything in its path.

I think my garden was destroyed over winter by this deceivingly pretty plant. At the same time, something has been eating this destroyer.

As I was yanking it up by its tons of roots, I noticed tons of blue caterpillars in my garden. I am not sure which moth/butterfly enjoys Creeping Jenny for lunch, but it will now have to check out the fire pit for its next meal.

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