Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Time Flies
I mentioned in a recent post how I know time flies, but I would like to reiterate that time really does fly.

My husband gave me a mini digital frame to bring to work so pictures of our son could surround me, and I just saw a series of photos of my guy when he was just born out. The day and the time leading up to that wonderful day is so clear in my mind. I can’t believe he will be two in October.

I was thinking about how incredibly lucky I am to have this little guy in my life and how happy I am to watch him grow and learn. And while I am close thankfully close to my niece and have watch many cousins grow, it’s not the same thing as having your own bundle of joy.

Time Flies 2
On Aug. 5, it will be a year since we put Sylvester, our cat, down.

I am looking at pictures of that beautiful creature and I am still sad he is not a part of our son’s life.

However, despite the work, the loss of skin and the 2 a.m. wakeup call by a licking tongue, a purring body and a batting paw, I am happy my son and Cosmo, the crazy kitten, are getting along so well.

How much can you get into a Mini?
I am not sure if this happens where you live, but often there is a fundraiser that involves seeing how many people you can cram into a traditional Volkswagen Bug.

I am reminded of that because of how much stuff my cousin could cram into her Mini Cooper.

My cousin, who is getting married in August, was at my parents’ house for her shower in June.

She drove five hours with her best friend and her mom in her Mini Cooper. She had to get everyone back, plus her gifts, in that same Mini Cooper.

I had my doubts, but she was successful.

Of course, I felt sorry for the person who picked the short straw and had to sit in the backseat, but the point is she did it.

Vacation time
Finally, traffic has improved. I guess enough people are on vacation.

I am looking forward to my two weeks off. I plan to do a whole lot of playing, colouring, swimming, colouring, stacking blocks, painting, colouring, playing with playdough, and camping where I will be doing the above-mentioned activities.


Ma What's 4 dinner said...
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Nicole said...

Oh! Have a lovely two weeks off. Sounds very nice and relaxing.