Thursday, July 22, 2010

Living Donor

I have back-to-back interviews this morning about the living donor program at St. Mike’s Hospital in Toronto.

I have thought about doing an article about the selfless people who donate a kidney or other organ to loved ones in the past but it went to the top of my list when I read through Designing DNA about Cathy at The Stylish House, who was desperately searching for someone to save her daughter who is dying of liver disease.

While her story made me sad, I couldn’t imagine giving up an organ or part of an organ. What if I needed it later?

There was an update on Cathy's blog. Someone, a stranger, has stepped forward to save Heather.

It was then I decided I would do what I do best – provide people with information about the living donor program, why it’s important and the risks associated with it, so people can make an informed decision, and not one based on fear, about how they can make a difference in one’s life.


Christina Lee said...

wowee yes it would be a HUGE decision to make--but it's seems easier if it's a family member or friend rather than a stranger.

Nicole said...

It's such important information. Good job. Huge decision but so impactful.

Melissa B. said...

You're a great person. Sending positive vibes your way...