Friday, July 2, 2010

Hot, Humid – Delightful

It is going to be hot and humid this weekend.

I was speaking to a man this morning who is dreading the weekend weather. He said he can’t breath when the air is heavy and full.

I do feel badly for him. However, the main part of me is smiling broadly at the forecast that is sunny and gorgeous until next week.

Happy Birthday to You

Yesterday, July 1, was Canada’s birthday.

Our great nation turned 143 years old and the Queen was on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, the nation’s capital, to help celebrate it.

I like the royal family.

I know many Canadians think it’s time to sever our ties to England, but I like the history of it and say they should continue to be the head of our country.

Long Weekends
And because yesterday was a holiday, many people are taking today off to have an extra-long long weekend.

For me, it made my commute in a breeze.

I heard some people are suggesting we start celebrating Canada Day on the first Monday of July regardless if it’s July 1 or not.


You don’t celebrate your birthday on a Friday or a Monday because you want more time off, you celebrate it the actually day of your birth.

I like having a day off mid-week. And any day you can take off in the summer is a great day.

Happy July 4
Happy Independence Day to anyone who celebrates it.


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a fantastic Canada Day!

TIGHTWAD said...

Hi there! Dropping in from the blog party. Mid week holidays are the best!

Nicole said...

Re: the royal family. I was one of those girls who adored Princess Diana. I had Princess Di coffee table books, collector's items, and even a paper doll book! It's hard to believe she was only a bit older than me when she passed away...

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I am totally with you on everything except the weather. I'm not so fond of the heavy, hot, days but that's likely because I have those types of days often all year round.

Happy Belated Canada Day!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Keep it to the day, not the day of the week. And I have always wanted to meet the Queen, ever since I was a very, very young and would read about Princess Anne, and Elizabeth. Happy Canada Day! Dropping by for them party too.

Lana said...

Happy Canada Day! (+1)

Being Tazim said...

I hope that you had a great Canada Day. I also like the history of the royal family.

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Happy Canada Day! I was lucky enough to be up there a few times on Canada Day, you guys sure know how to throw a party. Enjoy the heat.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

Organic Girl said...

Happy Canada DAy I am a new follower!! Organic Girl

This Mom said...

Hi there! Just found you through the Canada Day Blog Party, and I'm now a follower!

Looking forward to getting to know you!

Kate @ This Mom Loves

Simply Stacie said...

Happy Canada Day!

Janet Ruth said...

Just stopping in to wish you a happy belated Canada Day! So nice to "meet" so many fantastic Canadian bloggers!

Nicole said...

I'm so glad you joined the blog party!! I can't wait for those hot days to arrive here. All we've had is cold and rainy . . . ugh.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Christina Lee said...

Hope it was great. It was the U.S.'s b-day too- fireworks galore!

Helen McGinn said...

Love your positive attitude! I have been in Toronto and Ottawa for Canada Day and it was such fun! xx

angelina la dawn said...

while our holiday wasn't hot, it was humid! when it wasn't raining the moisture just hung in the air. yuck!