Friday, May 7, 2010

Random Thought Fridays

• The mosquitoes are back. They are big, they are nasty and they are hungry. I am hoping my son has my husband’s yucky blood rather then my tasty stuff. I am willing to sacrifice myself– literally – for my son.

• It was my one-year blogging anniversary yesterday. I started the blog when my little guy was six months old with the idea of making money off of it. A year later, no money, but I am having fun. Like any good blogger, I am addicted to comments.

You must look up Megan’s response to my horse farm posting. It makes me laugh each time I think about it. If you are in the mood for chocolate, check out her blog posting about a restaurant in NYC city that serves the good stuff.

• My son now says ‘Please.’ He also says ‘Cheese, please,’ which I think is funny. Of course, I have to remember just because he says please – and it’s oh so cute - it doesn’t mean he gets what he wants. I found myself reaching to turn the TV on because he said ‘TV please.’

• I owe the Canadian government money from 2009. I filed my income tax return and hoped the government would find an error and I owed them less than I thought. Sadly, this didn’t happen. I begin paying this week.

• Last weekend, my niece, brother, son and I saw a ‘mommy and daddy’ Canada geese with seven little ones. They are so cute. We also checked out a tent caterpillar nest and my son got within inches of stuffing a peanut into a chipmunk’s mouth.

I was surprised the chipmunk let us get that close. Later, my son and I sat on the ground and called the chipmunk. It was cute to watch my guy imitate me calling the little creature. Sadly, the chipmunk ignored us.

• It’s been almost a year since we had to put our cat, Sylvester, down. I miss him, particularly the nighttime cuddling, and wonder how he would have like the moving, chasing baby.

The daycare provider has three cats, but the oldest is my favourite. Fluffy is a longhaired calico and like all calicos, Fluffy is a she. She apparently also has the calico trait of being…unpleasant.

For whatever reason, she seems to like me and greets us each morning, lets me pet her, chat with her and scratch her ears. This morning she was purring. I told LC that I was taking Fluffy home. Fluffy makes me miss Sylvester even more. She makes me also realize I am almost ready for a cat.

• Puppies and little boys. They seem to go together don’t they? I had a beautiful golden retriever-black lab growing up. We put Buffey down more than 10 years ago. I still miss her. However, I had no desire for another dog.

Dogs are a lot of responsibility. You have to walk them, rain or shine; pick up poop; come home; find a dog sitter when you are going away for the weekend or a dog walker if you are going to be longer than a day.

I still don’t want a dog, but somehow the idea of my son and a dog just seems right. Don’t get your hopes up, Alex Day, we are not getting a dog any time soon.


Jessica said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday!
How can you not love dogs btw?

Betty said...

Yes, Happy Bloggy Birthday Lisa.

Dogs are nice, I love them too. But, with a small baby, and being a working Mom, I would say if you must get a pet, get a cat. Maybe when Ethan goes to school and says "Mom/Dad can we get a dog?" then, you can say yes.

You are busy enough with work, raising a son, don't add to your load.

Just my thoughts, take it with a grain of salt.

Christina Lee said...

yes, get a new kitty! We have a dog but he is ours not our boys somehow. We thought about getting a puppy our son could grow up with--or maybe a CAT?? hmmm...

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Dogs are an awful lot of work. Especially as puppies. Thought my pups are so old now I feel like they are regressing to puppies!

Seriously, those mosquitos are out in full force already! I've never dealt with east coast mosquitos for a full summer with the kiddos, this'll be an experience!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner