Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Thursday Thoughts

I didn’t want my first posting since Friday to be one of bitterness and panic, so I thought I would instead focus on Happy Thursday Thoughts.

• Good news week.

There was happy news from both sides of the family this weekend. As it’s not my business to share, that is all I can say. I know that’s not very nice but you can trust me – it’s happy news.

• Spring is here.
It seemed like it happened overnight. One day there were buds on the trees and the next, the trees were offering a full canopy of leaves. I have decided spring, pre-bugs, is my favourite time of year.

• Secure employment.

There was a story on the radio this morning about how people are doing the jobs of two or three because so many people have been laid off. I am lucky that I have an enjoyable job that is fairly secure.

• Mother’s Day.
It’s Mother’s Day Sunday. I am thankful I have such a strong, caring mom. She means the world to me. For the second year, I am also being celebrated. My little guy brings joy to me every single day.

• Family.
I have a loving family who brings me happiness and joy.

• Thursday.
Only one more day to go and then it’s two days of hanging out with my little guy and my family. Bring on the weekend.

• Sun and warmth.
The day can’t be bad when the sun is shining and there is heat within its rays.


Writing Without Periods! said...

Thank you for the Happy Mother's Day. My proudest accomplishment is being a mom! I can't wait till Sunday.

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

That's right girl! Lemons and lemonade right? You brightened my day.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

Jessica said...

Cant wait to here the good news!

Christina Lee said...

Awww yeah-- you have a great weekend!