Monday, November 23, 2009

They Now Say ...

They now say teething and fevers do not go hand-in-hand.

They now say that you shouldn’t give egg yolks to a baby until he is at least a year old.

They now say a baby should sleep on his back and he should not be covered in blankets.

Every time the words “they say” are uttered out of my mouth, a little voice, which sounds suspiciously like my Dad, says “Who are they?”

Who are they indeed. “They” are studies, doctors and anyone else who has written an article and published it in a magazine.

And why are today’s “they” are right while yesterday’s “they” are wrong. Not sure, but they said so.


Betty said...

I'm with you, our parents raised us without "they say". And yes, fever DOES and CAN go with teething. You should have seen my daughters little behind when she was teething..... if it wasn't for my Mom, telling me to check to see if she was teething, I would never have found that little tooth that was coming out. So, stop reading the "they say" and go with your gut and your Mom's.

I've always said "Mom is/was always right.

So, stop listening/reading what "these" "they say".

Isn't it amazing how our parents made it this far raising us and helping us with our children without "they say"!

I could go on, but children today don't even know how to play.... what does "they say" about that????

Betty said...

Must continue, pardon me for taking up sooooo much space. But, my daughter slept on her tummy because, when she was on her back she would wake up every hour (I did change the position of her head from one side to the other. My Mom introduced my daughter to an egg (coddled) at 8 mos. old to see if she was allergic to eggs.

And, my daughter,graduated with a BA major in Criminal Sociology.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

That's funny. I had heard all the "they says" that you mentioned except the teething and fever. I wish someone had told M that just cause he was teething he didn't have to get the temperature too. That would have helped so much!

Stephanie said...

My "they say" people will always be the ones with personal and lengthy experience, people like my mom, my aunts, my good friends. Of course I will read what the "the others" have to say, take it in to consideration and then do what works for my babies...but of course "I say" all of this and I'm not a mom yet.

Mama Mair said...

Who are "they"?
These are doctors, specialists and academic elite who have earned the right to create guidelines for the medical community to follow.
As a result of "their" findings we now have a very low infant mortality rate.
As for the studies, if you read the actual study, available in a medical journal, the language is very different from what the media takes from it and digests it for mass consumption.
Ask your doctor or check your library for the ACTUAL study and see how it reads. VERY different from what you'll read in a magazine.
Heck, even contact the doctor who has conducted the study. He/she will gladly talk to you about it.
I say mom knows her baby best BUT the studies are done to save babies.
To save the weakest ones.
Baby + fever is never a good sign.
If a child has a fever please see a doctor.
Yes, sometimes (but not always and very rarely) do children who teethe have a fever.
And how high? For how long?
In an infant (when both my kids broke teeth) a fever is never a good sign.
Ask any doctor and he/she will say a baby who is three months or younger with a fever needs to be seen. There are many issues that can cause fever that parents are not aware of.
Also, for infants sleeping on their stomach - it's to help prevent SIDS. And even then it's a prevention method. And once the child can turn from front to back it's no longer and issue.
I'm sure it was socially acceptable for many parent not that long ago. But this is now not acceptable b/c it too can cause SIDS. But do we not listen to what "they" say about this?
Also, giving kids eggs is as dangerous as giving kids honey or peanut butter before the right time.
And why do we do this? To prevent allergies. Would you give your 1 year old peanut butter or honey?
My niece was trying eggs for the first time when she was one. Within minutes she blow up like a balloon and was rushed to hospital to be pumped with Benadryl. She has a very bad allergy. What if she was three or four months younger? Her body may have not taken it.
Let's follow these guidelines to keep our kids safe, please.

Mama Mair said...

This should read:

I'm sure it was socially acceptable for many parent to smoke in their home with the children - not that long ago. But this is now not acceptable b/c it too can cause SIDS. So, why do we not listen to what "they" say about this?

Mundanemomma said...

I have to say, I agree with Mama Mair...except the sleeping on your stomach part. She has that opposite, but I'm sure you already knew that. It's funny you said the voice sounds like your dad. Mine was like that too for a while..."He needs a carseat?? He'll be fine..." Uh, no dad. Every day "they" find new ways to keep us healthy and safe. 100 years ago, "they" may have said it was fine to eat undercooked meat...50 years ago "they" said we could smoke and drink while pregnant... So there we go. It's frustrating all the limitations there are now, but why take the risk? And you know E best too...