Thursday, November 19, 2009

It’s Christmas book time

There are several Christmas traditions I enjoy: baking cookies with my mom, sister-in-law, niece and now son; getting and decorating the Christmas tree the first weekend in December, pulling out the Christmas cookbook; and reading a couple of Christmas stories. One book I will discuss later.

But let’s first talk about A Christmas Miracle.

This collection of four short stories is considered a historical romance. I love historical books. I am usually not a fan of the romance, but these stories are more than just a nice love story and great sex.

Each of the main characters in the stories by Virginia Henley, Katherine Kingsley, Rebecca Paisley and Stephanie Mittman feature a strong woman who, while often from a lower class, teach the man in her world what is really important about life and the true meaning of Christmas.

Each story in the book is set in the past, in a time in history that I love (think Black Creek Pioneer Village time, which is likely why the Steeles Avenue historical site is one of my favourite places to go).

While I am not naive enough to think those times weren’t tough, particularly for someone who was poor, it also seems like it was a romantic, gentle time.

You had to work hard but the pleasures were simple - a horse-driven sleigh ride, skating on the pond, decorations and gifts that were made by hand and a celebration of family.


Betty said...

I agree with you, I too would think how nice it was back in the "old west time" when you had to cut wood, plant your garden and hope for a good crop for the winter, and the old fashion Christmas' when Christmas was a time of reflection and gifts were made by hand where you went out and cut your own Christmas tree, made cookies to hang on the tree, strung popcorn and cranberries on the tree. I could go on for ever.

Now, Christmas is so commercialized that it just doesn't mean much anymore. It would be nice if people would stop for a moment and reflect what Christmas really is, the day Christ was born. People gathered together and sang Christmas carols door to door. Oh, those where the days.......

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