Monday, November 2, 2009

Studies Say ...

Studies say that children who go to daycare are more social and do better in school.

Quite frankly, I don’t care what the studies say.

And isn’t it insulting to the generation of children who were raised by their mothers? Were we social-inept, stupid children? I don’t think so.

So perhaps the study isn’t telling us all that we need to know or maybe it’s telling us this so we don’t feel bad about plunking our children in daycare for 10 hours a day while we get “me” time.


Stephanie said...

Now Lisa, suggesting that all mothers who work and "plunk" their children in daycare are simply doing it so they can get "me" time is unfair and harsh, as harsh and unfair as saying that children who are raised by their mothers are socially inept and stupid. Both statements come from jaded views. We all know that children were raised differently 30 odd years ago and we also know there are benefits to children being at home with a parent and benefits to children being at daycare or nursery school. It’s a difficult balance and society has not yet figured out how to make it easier for parents to maintain that balance.

Alana said...

Nicely put Stephanie; although I can still sympathize with Lisa :)

Betty said...

Lisa, stop beating yourself up.

If you were a "single Mom" you would have NO choice but to go back to work as I did. Yes, it hurts and you cry about it but guess what..... E turns out to be a super kid, independant, etc. etc. I could go on forever but won't.

As long as you know he is in good hands, he is well taken care of, you should "try" to relax and be greatful you have a great person looking after him.

I really do understand how you feel, but who said life was fair...........

Hope your day back to work was extremely busy but enjoyable.