Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting To Know Strangers

I love personalized license plates.

I should state here that I do not want to one for Christmas. However, I do like the fact that other people seem willing to spend more than $200 on a personal message for their car.

While I see no point in having one’s name on one’s license plate, I do like the plates that are a puzzle. I like following these people until I have figured out what they are trying to say. I am always impressed by people’s cleverness.

My favourite aspect of personalized license plates is feeling of familiarity you get.

For example, on the way down Hwy. 404 this morning, I saw Baby Dol. I haven’t seen Baby Dol since before my maternity leave and as I was passing her, I smiled and said good morning.

Also prior to my maternity leave, I would follow IM Woodsy down Warden Avenue. We obviously had to be at work at the same time and it always pleased me to see him each day. He was like my morning routine. So you can imagine how excited I was when I ended up following IM Woodsy home. We obviously left work at the same time as well. And we obviously both rushed out of the city so we could spend time in the country.

And then there is 8 Legs.

I am not sure what 8 Legs does, but I have also followed him north on the 404. Then, while on maternity leave, I discovered 8 Legs is a neighbour. What a small world.

I also have a neighbour who is a Diamond.

Now Diamond, and other people who have personal license plates, should be a little more cautious. I know who Diamond is. I know his vehicle. I know where he lives. So when you pass me at high speeds or tailgate me, it makes me want to knock on your door and tell you to smarten up. You don’t treat your neighbours that way.

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Betty said...

I love reading the license plates too. I'll concentrate so hard on it that sometimes I forget where I was going.

Glad to hear someone else does the same thing.

My daughters plate is: IM2YY

I'd love to get one but I don't think they'd give me one with the name "BITCH" on it.