Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leave The Car At Home

I heard on the news today that a government think-tank has suggested road tolls to help with the GTA’s gridlock problem. The news report suggested gridlock is responsible for loss productivity and increased food prices, among other things.

I agree that gridlock is a problem, and one that is only getting worse.

However, rather than taxing motorists, with the idea that an extra tax on roads and parking will get them to leave their cars at home, how about providing tax relief to businesses that allow their employees to work from home or have flexible hours?

Or perhaps the government can create a provincewide transit system that makes it more convenient to take a bus, train or subway rather than a car.

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Betty said...

Sorry Lisa, but I wish we did have tolls on our major highways. You may not like to pay them, but for the convenience and it WILL eliminate drivers that SHOULD NOT be on our highways. This is the only country that doesn't have tolls on major highways.

I DON'T want the same setup as the 407 THAT STINKS. But if you want to use our highways, PAY like the rest of the world.

Trucks are the major culprit destroying the roads so, make them pay BIG time. (Also, what happened to the signs that said "trucks MUST USE/STAY in the right lane") how soon we forget about it. I remember them very well. Do you?

Sorry, but it would get rid of poky people using the highways and one person driving in a car. Maybe, if we paid a toll you would see more people doubling up, it would also eliminate property taxes always going up to fix our roads, the tolls would pay for that.

Just my opinion but I have always said PUT A TOLL ON OUR HIGHWAYS AND GET RID OF THE "ASS....." that shouldn't be on the road.

Have a nice day.

Canada is LAND OF THE FREE but who really pays????? you and me that's who.