Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank You Very Much

Maybe I need a Wordless Thursday, except my computer crashed so I can’t access any new photos.

I could take a page from Kmama’s book and offer Thank You Very Much Thursdays but … yes, I can do Thank You Thursdays. Visit Kmama’s blog to join in.

The Daily Dribbles

* To the twit who hit me two weeks ago, thank you very much. I was feeling better and today I can barely move.
* To the insurance company, which has given me a car rental for about two weeks, thank you very much for not putting me under more pressure than I already am.
* To the Ford dealer, who despite rumours this is the best time to purchase a car but who won’t give me the deal I need on the car he was right when he said I would fall in love with it, giant thank you very much to you as well.


Herself said...

Oh gosh! What a week! Hope you're feeling better!
Just stopped by from SITS.

Helen McGinn said...

Aw, I hope you're ok! My sis crashed her car into a bollard...bleedin' snow.... ;O) She's ok btw.

LOVE Toronto, one of my favourite cities.

Re: your comment on my blog, thanks hon...I went a bit baking mad today, funny how you have times like that; it's either a feast or a famine here...*L*

Kmama said...

Oh no!! I'm glad you're okay, but sorry to hear about your car, the pain, and the insurance company.

LOL at you thinking yesterday was Thursday!!

Thanks for linking up!! ;-)