Friday, February 19, 2010

Opps, I Did it Again

Can I apologize again for disappearing for so long? It seems like it wasn’t that long ago I apologized for the same thing.

Not including all the time I spent with my little guy, this year hasn’t been that great.

I don’t think I have worked a full week since the new year began.

First there was a sinus infection (awful. I sympathize with those who get them regularly), then there was the accident and the whole insurance company, buying a new car thing and then my computer died (I can’t blame that on not coming to work but rather why I am not writing) and then I had strep throat.

I can’t even blame my sicknesses on the little guy. Touch wood, he has been fairly healthy since December.

My mom blames it on being run down and not getting enough sleep. She may be right but I think it has more to do with stress.

I never thought the words ‘working mom’ would be uttered out of my mouth. I never had any intention of returning to the workforce after our little guy was born and I am a disappointed I am still working outside the home.

A stay-at-home mom is the ideal job for me.

But here I am, plugging away.

I have tried to create make-work projects to get me out of the slump I am currently in but the ideas were snuffed out – after, of course, all the work was done and I had reporters and experts excited.

Instead, I am doing the same thing I did leading up to my year of maternity leave. And while I love the work, I am a little bored.

I love to be so busy I am jumping from one task to another without being able to breathe. This is not happening currently.

So my working life goal is to doing more writing, assigning more challenging stories and picking up any extra jobs that come along.

I hope I have turned a corner and the rest of 2010 is blog-filled and healthy, which is also my wish for you.


Stephanie said...

This is my favorite entry in a while. I like to hear the honesty and the positive outlook. As for being sick I can attest to the cause being all of the following, lack of sleep, stress and exposure to new bugs (your little man may be healthy but he brings home lots of fun bugs to share with his family!) Good luck with pulling yourself out of this slump and staying healthy.

Happy Friday - Have a great weekend!

Mundanemomma said...

So you didn't say, but is this picture a picture of the new vehicle? Are you finally a mini-van mom? I still swear I will never ever own a mini-van, but you will love having more room, and being higher up, I'm sure. Hope everything starts going a little smoother for you.

Danielle said...

I have an award for you on my blog

Christina Lee said...

AAWWW hang in there! have a good weekend!

Betty said...

Isn't motherhood wonderful. As years go by, you will look back at all this and say I DID IT. yeh!!!!

As my mother use to say to me, it is easier to chew on a rock than to be a Mom.

I know how you feel. Have you thought of handing Ethan over to the in-laws for a weekend away or just hang out at home and sleep, sleep, sleep?

Don't try and be super mom, you'll burn yourself out.

Take some time out for yourself.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I think you and your mom are both right. It's probably a combination of stress, being run down and not enough sleep.

Too bad we aren't in the same city. Then I could keep the boys one night while you sleep and vice versa! lol I miss sleep!