Monday, February 8, 2010


I was involved in a head-on crash Jan. 28 with my 15-month in the car. I was literally about a minute from home.

Well they do say most accidents happen close to home and I guess I am helping that statistic along – two accidents in my life, both of which have happened on my street.
The twit who hit me was heading home from dropping off her friend. She claims she lost control and hit me. I think she was talking on her cellphone, driving too fast and taking the corner too wide.

Either way, she wrote off both of ours, suffered a knee injury and caused me to have whiplash. The baby, thankfully, was only scared and had a bruise where the seatbelt kept him in his carseat.

She wasn’t charged. That angers me.

My husband says the cop was really nice.


How about being nice and charging her with talking on her cellphone, which is now illegal in Ontario. Or how about being nice and charging her with careless driving because now I have to take what precious time I have with my son and go for treatments.
And now I have to buy a new-to-me car and worry that I am making the right decision and I am not going to buy a lemon.

I have until Friday to make that decision. No pressure.

On another note, bad things happen in three’s. I had a flood in the basement, my computer died (hence not blogging recently) and now the accident. I think I am done.


Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

:( Wow! Sounds like you've been through a tough one lately. Glad you and the baby are okay though. I think my anger towards that girl would send me through the roof!! Hope things get better for you...SOON!

Stopping by from SITS

Danielle said...

Oh man. I am sorry you've been going THROUGH it lately. I am so glad both you, and baby are ok though. If you need to talk, e-mail me. :)


CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I'm really glad everyone walked away from that accident relatively in one piece! Sorry about having to get another new to you car. I know how much you love doing that.

Gentle hugs for both you and E!

Christina Lee said...

Yikes!! Glad you're safe now!

Katherine said...

I really hope that girl learned her lesson! There's a reason why they make laws! I'm glad that you and your little one are (relatively) okay!

Sally said...

So sorry about your accident. My granddaughter was in one on Dec 19, and thank the Lord her baby wasn't with her as she was hurt very badly. Take care. Here from SITS. :)