Monday, August 10, 2009

We Are Off to See the Days ....

We are off to see my husband’s family, who lives outside of Napanee.

I am quite excited about our upcoming road trip except I am dreading the car ride. Our baby is not a car child. I figure it could be one, or more, of several reasons:

1. Payback
I have been told numerous times that I was a terrible car baby myself. I once screamed from my grandfather’s cottage in Bracebridge to my parents’ house, at least a three-hour ride. My dad had to sing Rock a Bye Baby over and over to settle me.
Singing helps for a bit but then it doesn’t, and my husband says my voice certainly doesn’t help him. Perhaps I am a tad tone deaf.

2. Car sickness
My mom now thinks it was likely car sickness that had me screaming for hours in the car, an affliction I still suffer. As I got older, the only thing that helped was listening to music with headphones, sitting in the front seat and the ultimate car-sickness cure - driving. As our son won’t taking the wheel for about 16 years, we’ll have to find another solution.

3. Loneliness or boredom
Our son is used to having someone’s attention or at least the ability to move around for his own entertainment. Despite how comfortable the car seat looks to me, perhaps it’s the feeling of being trapped he doesn’t like or ...

4. Instant gratification
... Or perhaps he is not used getting what he wants when he wants it.
I would imagine his hate of the car could be any of these things or perhaps he is hungry, wet, cold, hot, scared, confused, tired, not tired, blinded by the sun, uncomfortable or any other thing a baby feels and can’t tell us.

Wish us luck.


Mundanemomma said...

Good luck. I found that once the boys were turned around (facing forwards) they were much happier travellers!

Betty said...

Yes, never thought of that, but how would you like to be sitting backwards for 2 hrs??????? Try it.

Have read that if you sit on newspaper it helps with motion sickness, why not put some newspapers under the car seat before taking off, and also put one in between his bum and the car seat. I'd give it a try, you have noting to lose, just newspapers.

Good luck on your trip. Would be curious if you tried the newspaper.

Will be checking your blog.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Good luck. I've never heard that about the newspapers. Let me know if you try it and it works.

And have fun!!!

Cathy said...

May the force be with you and if all else fails...a good set of ear plugs might help!!!