Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Overcome by Dirt

For one simple reason, I love that I live a hour and a half away from everyone.

I never have to worry about the pop-in.

Because of the distance, people never pop by for an unexpected visit so I don’t have to worry when my house is messy or down-right dirty, which it is immediately after cleaning.

I am not sure if it’s because we live in a windowed house by the lake, or if it is that we are truly dirty people but my house is not just untidy, but it’s disgusting.

You don’t look up because there are cobwebs coating the windows; you don’t look down because some genius put red carpets in a house that has very little walls so the flooring is not only faded but also worn and impossible to get clean; and you don’t look directly in front of you because no matter what you do, the walls are grimy.

Now that we don’t have a wood fireplace heating our upstairs, things certainly have improved. However, we have exceptionally hard water so even when you are cleaning, walls, counters, clothing, remains dirty.

My solution - perhaps a match - and certainly a challenge to house-cleaning companies: Can you make this house clean? If you can, I will shout from hilltops about your services - and certainly blog about it.


CoconutPalmDesigns said...

lol If you find someone to get your house clean, wanna send them down my way when they are done? Who knew one small house could collect so many cobwebs!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of your carpets..... you'll find your house is NOT DIRTY or untidy. Don't know what it is, but carpets in general just make the house messy, dirty, untidy. TRY IT! I did and it works.