Monday, August 24, 2009

Missing Nut

At a recent Day family function, I told our cousin the kind of peanut butter she buys is inferior to the kind I buy.

Skippy peanut butter is more creamy than Kraft, which is dry and sticks to your mouth. Having said that, I did enjoy Kraft on toast both mornings we stayed at our cousins’ home.

ND asked me what kind of peanut butter we grew up on and I confessed it was indeed Skippy that we consumed as children.

Not only did we enjoy the taste of Skippy, we always loved the fact that it was “the only one with the peanut on top.”

We were not allowed to open the new peanut butter jar until the old one was finished. As kids, we always planned our peanut butter eating so we could be the one to open the new jar and enjoy the whole peanut that was waiting for you when you cracked the seal.

There was nothing worse than finishing the old jar, opening the lid of the new jar and discovering that one of your siblings didn’t play by the rules and had already eaten the peanut.

When I moved in with my now-husband, I grudgingly offered to share the peanut. But then something happened.

The “one with the peanut on top” became the one with no peanut on top.

Skippy, where did the peanut go?

1 comment:

Betty said...

Tried Skippy, didn't like it.

I am a faithful Kraft peanut butter girl and find it creamy and moist and smooth. I buy the smooth peanut butter NOT the one with peanuts in it. Tried it, but didn't like it.

I always have a spare jar on hand, just in case........