Thursday, August 27, 2009

Still Waiting

My stepdaughter is still waiting to hear if she has been accepted to York University’s Glendon College.

School starts in September.

For some reason, perhaps because so many students were ticked off at York U. due to last year’s strike, the university extended its application deadline to Aug. 14 for its September admission.

As there is just more than a week until school is to start, shouldn’t York U. be letting people know if they have gotten into the university?

I think it’s too late for AD for September. Even if she hears this week that she has gotten in, the application deadline for residence was July 31, and she couldn’t apply for that or for financial aid until she had confirmation that she accepted.

So the question remains why did York U. extend its application deadline? Were they being nice to those who, for whatever reason, missed the original deadline or was it because so many York students left in disgust because of the lengthy strike that the university requires more money?

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