Friday, January 7, 2011

What’s In Your Purse or Better, Your Grocery Cart?

Many bloggers recently have emptied their purses and shared its contents with others.

I find it interesting to see what woman carry in their purse, but what I find even more fascinating is what is in stranger’s grocery carts.

For the most part I only peer inside people’s carts while waiting in the checkout. I am ashamed to admit it, but do pass judgment on carts filled with processed foods and white bread.

And I can’t help but comment under my breath when people buy ridiculous snacks/meals for their children.

It usually sounds like this: ‘Don’t buy that crap for your kids.’

People please, I beg of you, don’t buy Lunchables for your children. Have your read the nutritional label on these things? They are full of salt and fat.

Make your own. Low-fat whole wheat crackers are better full-fat, no-nutrition white cracker.

Lunchables make me shutter as does juice cocktail (code: not juice) and other sugared drinks and single-serving oatmeal with cookies and other treats inside.

I like looking in people’s carts, seeing something I would never buy and getting information about it. I learned about lychee nuts after seeing the fellow shopper put them in her cart and I have been stopped on many occasion to ask about the variety of produce that finds its way into mine.

So let’s start a new blog trend. What’s in your grocery cart or equally as exciting, what’s in your fridge?


Mundanemomma said...

For the first time maybe, I'm going to have to disagree with you here. Well, maybe not disagree so much, as I do agree that that stuff isn't the healthiest, but maybe more along the lines of saying don't judge others too much by what they put in the cart. You have no idea of what the other parent's life is like. Maybe they have severe time constraints, and this is one concession they make to make life a little less stressed and just a little bit easier. Maybe they have very picky children, and as the mother of a very picky child, I know what it's like to be at your wit's end to find something, ANYTHING that your child will eat. You start to see nutrition in the smallest places when your child is like that. And then there are even some parents of children with special needs; sometimes they won't eat certain textures or foods for some reason, and they'll eat only one brand, you never know what leads a parent to put those things in their carts. You must also see the greater picture. Perhaps those are their treat for the day, or the week, and from much research on my own regarding how to get your kids to eat, I've learned that you have to evaluate the nutritional intake not on a daily basis, but more on a weekly basis.
Ok, I've said my piece on that.
But I do agree that mostly they are garbage. And I've purchased A LOT of garbage for my kids over the years, out of desperation or just to reward them even. Stuff that I said I'd NEVER buy, like "fruit snacks" and sugary cereal. But I'm proud to say that no matter how many times my kids have begged, I've yet to buy a "Lunchable". However, this is mainly because in my mind, they are VERY expensive compared to what you could buy with the same amount of money, but also they are low in nutrition too.

Christina Lee said...

You know what? Everyone has their own story. I do buy lunchables and uncrustables and I don't feel bad about it. My child has underweight issues (for reasons/special needs I won't get into). We would be happy if he took one bite of that high fat product for lunch (but we know he barely does)--it's a waste of time for me to make something (and you might say $), but I concentrate on the meals we are together for. The same reason the pediatrician tell us to let him eat a big bowl of ice cream every night. So I've learned to not jump to conclusions about other people (it's a life lesson for me), b/c you truly don't know anyone else' story.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I hear what you are saying and I get the same types of comments from one of my SIL but you know what, I LIKE white bread, preferably Wonder Bread which sadly I can't get here, and I don't like the taste or texture of brown bread even if it is healthier for me. As you know, Matthew has food issues so we have cut out a lot of junk but sometimes there is nothing better than sitting on the ground, in front of the TV (cause we don't watch a lot of that either so it's a treat too), with a variety of junk and having our own little picnic.

As for what's in my shopping cart, lately lots of ice cream making supplies, pasta and pasta sauce (the one with no msg), mostly corn for veggies because M really loves corn, oatmeal, hotdogs, boneless chicken breasts, fish. Nothing exciting really.

I LOVE lychee though, particularly fresh but the tin variety is good when it's out of season.

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Nicole said...

I TOTALLY look into other people's carts. I try not to be judgy, but do people really need 8 2L bottles of Coke? Actually, in my neighbourhood - which is mostly made up of seniors - I often see old men buying stuff that says they are obviously widowed, and it makes me feel so sad. Usually these men are buying eggs, bread, sausages, and ice cream. Always with the ice cream. It reminds me of my grandpa and his sweet tooth.

Anonymous said...

I saw a movie based on a true story of an autistic child who earned her degree, and became renowned for an invention. She eats basically only jello! Food is interesting, for sure, and as individual as our DNA, I'd say.

Betty said...

As a senior, I look at what is in "young" mothers carts. Don't tell me you can't feed your kids healthy snacks or meals. My child DIDNOT eat sugar cereals for breakfast, because she knew it was junk (with my help of course) I never had trouble going down the "cereal aisle" when I had to buy cream of wheat or portage with my child because this little voice would point and say junk mommy, junk mommy. YOU, as a parent are responsible for the well being of your child, YOU are responsibe for providing nutrition and healthly habits to your child. So, B.S. about not having the time or your child won't eat it. A child learns by example and that is YOU.
My child didn't go into McDonalds, that was not allowed that was JUNK.
When I see parents taking children into McDonalds I cringe. I made popsicles from orange juice. I think the average person is just plain LAZY and can't be bothered to take the time to cook, make healthy snacks. It's too easy and convenient to go into a grocery store and all your "meals" are there to be picked up, microwaved, or heated in the oven. People are just too much in a hurry. When are YOU going to wake up and realize the damage you are doing to not only yourself but your children. Health problems don't show up until your in your 50's and up. There is an old expression that I will quote and it is:


Think about it the next time you pick up that "junk" food.

Now I feel better.

Oh yes, the reason you see an elderly picking up bread, cheese, or eggs, it's probably because they don't have enough money to really eat healthy.

I thank God as a senior I can afford to eat healthy.

If I have offended anyone I'm sorry but it is the truth, think about it.

We have enough FAT PEOPLE and CHILDREN around try and get healthy.

Oh yes, children will always fuss about food, but if you have them taste a bit, you might be surprised that they like it. There favorite expression is "I don't like it". How can you not like something if you haven't tasted it?????

Mz-Cellaneous said...

I rarely look in other people's carts. I don't think it would bother me if someone looked in mine, or was even judgemental - if they keep their sour looks to themselves. LOL.

We do buy some processed foods, but I try to balance it all. Which is the key, anything is ok (even lunchables) as long it's not a regular thing.

My issue? People that only feed their kids chicken nuggets.

Anonymous said...

I'm usually in too much of a rush to notice what's in anyone else's cart. Food shopping for me is kind of a get in and get the hell out task.
Congrats on your SITS Day!

cornflakegirl74 said...

I am totally guilty of looking into the shopping carts while on the checkout line and have noticed people peering into mine. Must be human nature. I've also been approached by things I've thrown in and find it's a nice way to start a conversation.

Ugh, lunchables are horrible for kids :( I wish people would read labels on what they are purchasing--it's so important!

The BabbyMama said...

I'd always crack up when I'd see people buying those convenience packs of cooked chicken. Not like a nice roast chicken, but the sealed packs of pieces of essentially steamed white meat treated with who knows what. It takes so little time to cut up some breasts and cook the pieces - use it, freeze it, boom. Same thing as the market, but less expensive and not gross.

The BabbyMama said...

(But also I agree with Mundanemomma's comment - I am the momma of a picky toddler, and some days have been 'just get some food in her' days.)

Anonymous said...

My purse is to messy to unload and document it's contents! My fridge is a random collection of nothing that can make a dinner... or at least that's my challenge every night. I need a chef.