Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Hate the City Of Toronto’s Snow Policy

I left my house before 6 a.m. and more than two hours later, I made it to work – really angry.

The drive down to and on the highway was as expected – slow but moving, with drivers packing their patience and leaving lots of room between cars.

It was as I turned off the highway and onto a six-lane road that I began to curse.


The City of Toronto has a snow policy that won’t have it plowing its expressways until 2.5 cm of snow has fallen; five cm must fall for its main roads to be plowed; and eight or more cm must come down for the city’s side roads are plowed, but in this case removal doesn’t start until the snow has stopped.

I hope each person who gets in an accident in the City of Toronto because the city thinks it’s not its job to plow streets until these magic numbers are reached should sue.

Whenever it snows, that six-lane road is not even track-bare, cars are spinning and it’s hard to break through the snow to turn onto even worse ‘side’ roads.

I don’t think I should have to purchase a truck with four-wheel drive to navigate City of Toronto streets when it decides to snow.


Nicole said...

Calgary's policy is crappy too. Although it has improved somewhat this year - the snowplows have been out!

Ashley Marie said...

Oh man, that stinks! Hope you remain safe. Visiting from SITS.

Living in Taradise said...

snow policy. I wish. I live in South Alabama, no snow. EVER!!!

Thanks for stopping by my SITS day and making it AWESOME!

and yes, leaving Uganda is the.hardest.part.

WhisperingWriter said...

Ugh, that stinks, I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

Snow is tricky there, and then you got all that salt to deal with too! Edmonton had issues years ago, then was forced to hire more contractors. Now they work hard to clean the streets, but we get so much snow and black ice, that four wheel drive is almost a must! I got my first 4w this year, and it is so much easier to navigate and I don't get stuck anymore!

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

I'm not sure Vancouver even has a snow policy. They seem to plow the roads sometimes and don't others. It's all very at their whim.