Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hand-me-Down Some Clothing

My sister-in-law showed up for Thanksgiving Sunday in a new-to-her top. She received it from her 75-year-old coworker, D, who has fabulous tastes, and shops at Le Chateau, The Gap and other trendy stores. Good for D. And great for LC, whose wardrobe always has new pieces in it.

My question is why can’t I have a D?

My stepdaughter would say it’s because I am a giant. (I am sure she means that lovingly but as she also called me tone deaf and told me I had a large rump I could be mistaken.)

AD is right somewhat, however. My legs are on the long side, but I do have a petit-sized top half.

Unfortunately, as blog readers will know, I don’t have a chest, which means no hand-me-downs, or even borrowing, from her, which is sad because there is no shortage of clothing to chose from.

The lack of a chest also means no hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law, my brother-in-law’s girlfriend or anyone else I know.

Maybe one day I will have my own D or maybe I will become so fashion savvy and have lots of money, that I will be D. You just never know.

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Alex said...

heeey ! i offer my clothing ! and of course i meant it lovingly ! was kidding about the large rump and won't take back the tone deaf comment though cuz yoou really truely are.. teeheee :) i still love you though :)