Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

I am watching as my son plays with my childhood toys. We brought the Rubbermaid container of mainly Fisher-Price toys up to our new office, where my now one-year-old pulls out the A-Frame House, the Children’s Hospital and the Family School, and all of its pieces, not to mention the safari, the circus and more, and plays with them.

There are a lot of memories in those toys as my brother rediscovered during my son’s birthday party Saturday. He claims I stole those toys, robbing his daughter - and himself - of hours of enjoyment.

He is completely wrong. He got the first pick of our childhood toys and books, as he lives closer, and I got the choice of his rejects.
Bring on a new generation of Fisher-Price users.


Mama Mair said...

I have the airport and garage.
My mom kept the Fisher Price items, too. I think they were the only really good quality items 30+ years ago. And you can still gets lots at second hand stores. Very cool!

Betty said...

I wish I had kept my daughters Fisher Price toys. They were very well made and she loved them all (and, she was rough with them too).

Lucky Ethan to have such wonderful toys to play with.