Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome Fall

Fall did indeed come overnight.

Yesterday we were in the lake. This morning it is grey and the road is covered with fallen leaves. The vegetables, particularly the cucumbers and green onions, look sad and tired, and everything except the root vegetables are crying out to be picked.

I guess it’s time to put away the shorts and tank tops and pull out the pants and sweaters.


RAnn said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere. Love your name. What do you think of mine?

Betty said...

Fall may have arrived in your area, but not mine. It was sunny and hot here; in fact, too hot.

Desperately waiting for Fall.

Mundanemomma said...

Don't put those summer clothes away yet! We have had hot weather all last week and the last few days too. Haven't you? Summer is finally here!! LOL. The vegetable are only wilting because it hasn't rained! Don't wish for fall yet.