Friday, September 25, 2009

Deals, Deals, Everywhere Deals

Where has Once Upon A Child been all my child’s life?

I discovered this store for the first time when my mom, son and I went shopping for clothing for me last week. We went to Once Upon A Child first because my now-mobile son requires baby gates.

I didn’t find baby gates but I found a basement full of beautiful clothes with fabulous prices.

I purchased a couple of onsies, a beautiful pair of lined overalls, a pair of Robbeez and my best deal - an OshKosh snowsuit for $20. I will now be doing most of my shopping here.

PS- The Newmarket location had some beautiful Halloween costumes.


Mundanemomma said...

Watch out for the costumes; half the time they are the same price as they are at Walmart. Or if you are a savvy shopper, you can buy next year's costume after Halloween, when the prices go waaaaay down. I'd also watch out for some of the equipment. I went looking for various things, only to find that by paying only slightly more, I could have brand new. And I mean like a few dollars. Like anything, you have to be careful, and know your prices beforehand. But the clothes have always seemed a good deal.

Mama Mair said...

I do all my kids clothing shopping here. The one on Bayview Ave. is amazing. All top end brand names for great prices. With store coupons and special sales you can walk away with lots of quality items for great prices. And yes, you must know your prices and quality items.
When the snowsuits go on sale at year end buy one size bigger for next year. I always do that and it works perfectly!
Oh, and Value Village has great stuff for kids too. We can go one lunch hour.