Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shopping Heartaches

I understand clothing is important. I appreciate the fact that a nice-dressed person may have an advantage.

But that doesn’t stop the fact I hate clothes shopping. And I hate it because when I go, I am frustrated, angry, broke, disappointed and left wondering who clothing manufacturers make clothing for.

Because it isn’t me. And it likely isn’t you either.

I will admit it is getting a little easier to purchase clothing, particularly pants, for me.

In the past, my Mom and Dad would bring a tape measure to ensure the pants would have the required 34-inch inseam. And often, being tall meant being fat, and properly fitting clothing was next to impossible to find.

I still struggle to find pants that are long enough and it’s a rare day when I can find pants that are long enough and are on sale.

I usually have to pay extra, perhaps for the length.

Top shopping is a little easier as I have a petit top half, however, as noted in this blog, I don’t have a chest, so many of the shirts are less than flattering as I have nothing to fill it with. And as I don’t want the world to see what I don’t have, many tops cannot be purchased.

I was really worried about finding clothes that fit when I was pregnant.
And then I discovered Thyme Maternity.

After leaving that store, I understood why most women like shopping.
It was fun. Things fit; were reasonably priced; and there was no shortage of items I wanted to take home. In addition, the sales staff was fun, helpful and knowledgeable.

I told them I was coming back for all my regular-clothing needs. I can simply roll down the belly or eat more chocolate.

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Mundanemomma said...

Ha ha ha ha! ROFL. Seriously though, you can't shop in a maternity store for your regular clothing! Ack! You need help girl!