Monday, September 28, 2009

Trouble With Disposables

So much for 12 hours of leakage protection.

For my son, Pampers 12-hour disposable diapers keep him and his outfits dry only some of the time and then only a few hours.

This is my second foray into the world of disposable diapers buying and I haven’t had that much luck.

My first attempt was with Wal-Mart’s brand. I returned them after having to change my son twice in the night and leaving him wet the rest of the time.

I told the customer service person at Wal-Mart that you obviously get what you pay for when you buy disposables.

Unfortunately, Pampers hasn’t been that great either. While my sister-in-law swears by them and said she has only changed my niece’s sheets about 15 times, I haven’t been so lucky.

Sometimes my son can go all night in one diaper, other times he is soaked - diaper, clothing, sheets and me - in a couple of hours.

Thinking perhaps I was not putting the diapers on correctly, I had my cousin-in-law give me the disposable diaper rules: 1) Point my son’s (and these were the words of a nurse in Ottawa) “junk” down and 2) pull out the outer layer for further wetness protection.

Both are done.

I know my friend, JA, is having the same diaper issues with her son and she, too, hasn’t found a diaper that will protect her little guy during the night.

Perhaps diapers are geared toward girls or were not designed for the heavy wetter.

Suggestions anyone?


Betty said...

I had the same problem with my daughter, but I was using cloth diapers. In the mornings, she was soaked from head to foot. Because she slept on her tummy, I decided to take another cloth diaper and used it as a pad over her privates and then put the regular diaper on. It worked, she was wet in the a.m., but not all the way up to her neck. So, why not give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Good Luck.

Mundanemomma said...

What size are you using? This sometimes makes a difference. I found that when the boys needed to move up a size, they would have a lot more "accidents". E is a big guy, he probably needs at least a five (you can't trust the weight ratings on the packages!)

Mama Mair said...

Drinking at night means a wet diaper.
The more the baby drinks during the night the more you'll notice a wet bed in the morning.
Plus, babies and infants will go through phases (a few nights in a row) of a total wet diaper and bed.
This usually means move up a size in diaper in addition to more drinking at night. (That's baby - not mom!)
I've used all types of diapers for my two kids from discount buy the bulk super cheap diapers to brand name and a diaper is a diaper.
Make sure the size is right and if the baby/infant is drinking at night it might mean a diaper change is needed in the middle of the night.
Cheers to a few dry nights!

RVT1995 said...

Hey Lisa,

Never thought I would ever be computer savey enough to do this.....but here goes.

I tried an number of diapers before I found what worked the best for Alex. Huggies! Alex would wear the regular huggies during the day, as I would change her more frequently but at night it was Huggies Supprem. It didn't matter how much she had to drink before bed, I didn't have a problem with leakage.

Now this could just be because Alex is a girl but it could be worth a try for the boys out there! Good Luck

Oh.....just to let you know I have found Huggies to be very helpful with coupones too....better then pampers. Just go to the web site & sing up, if you want to save some money on the dippers.


Julie said...

Try Huggies Overnights. They worked great for B. I sometimes do cloth with T. I have diapers called Bedbugs and I put wool over it and that seems to work. But I'm probably going to go to the Overnights for him because of the coolness in his room.