Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The best winter - ever

It's been a weird winter up in the Great White North.

We have had minus double digits one day and plus double digits the next. We have had snow, freezing rain, blizzards, rain and thunderstorms.
Then, like many of you, we had The Storm at the beginning of the month, which saw about 14-plus inches dumped on us.

It was a wonderful snow day. My little one and I shovelled the walks and driveways three times. Then my husband created paths of snow in our front yard, which has entertained our guy for hours. Since then we have had warmer temperatures and the maze walls, which stood about three feet at their tallest, have shrunk to less than a foot.

It's also been a great winter for ice fishing, or so it seems with the amount of air traffic on the lake. It's like we are running a Lake Simcoe airport. The planes fly so low my guy and I wave to those inside.

Up until this week, planes were flying in and out every five minutes. Recently, the neighbour, who just bought a snowmobile, let us take it out for a ride and while the three of us were on the lake, two planes took off and flew right over top of us. It was amazing.

So while there is a blizzard brewing outside, and I have to sit in winter traffic yet again tomorrow, I must say this has been a fantastic winter.


Heather said...

Oh I am so not a fan of winter. But I have to admit that you are right my two youngest have loved the winter weather so far. They have been sledding, tubing, skiing and today they were out shooting hockey pucks in the driveway! Crazy!

Not thrilled about more snow this weekend though.

WhisperingWriter said...

It's actually going to snow here tomorrow.