Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hi Blog,

It's been a while. I haven't fully decided what to do with you, but I think I miss you and the freedom to write what I want, almost. I can never be completely open with you, dear blog, but I know you understand the constraints I have.

So what's new?

My little guy, who not to long ago was a babe in arms, is now a junior kindergarten student who goes to school all day, every day and loves every minute of it.

While he did say he wanted a PA day every day, he also told me he wanted to be in school RIGHT NOW. He loves to read, he loves to write, he loves math and crafts. He is a social little guy who goes to breakfast club not only for the food, he is my child after all, but to socialize with everyone. He is strong willed, but kind. He is empathic, loving and hates to be in trouble.

 He is now swimming by himself. He goes to skating but doesn't want to skate. He just wants to play hockey - and eat the snow off the ice. He wants to play soccer. He love to dance and sing and play with his friends.

We did some home renos. Goodbye ugly red carpets and hello bamboo floors. Goodbye 1970s railing, hello banister and stairs. My husband did a beautiful job. I am hiring him out if you need any work done and you live close by.

Note: I flipped the picture, but now it's upside down again. I have no idea how to fix it.

I have read some great books. Has anyone else read Richard Paul Evans Lost December?

I really want to discuss, and disagree, with the main character's thought he is an awful person. Did you read Remember Me? Wow. I guess part of it, but not the other. Sad and happy all at the same time.

Kate Morton is another great author, if someone is looking for a recommendation.

I caught some movies. Some are almost new.

 Did anyone else see The Other Guys? I thought it was pretty funny. My little one thinks Megamind is pretty great, too. He plays Minion, the fish. My guy sits in the fish bowl (laundry basket) and tells the students in his class (I play the teacher and all the students including him) that they can't touch the talking fish. He is a fish and swims in his own poop. So therefore he is slimy. To teach hygenie habits, I tell the students if they do touch him, the have to wash their hands after.

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Nicole said...

Hi! You're back! Welcome back - glad to hear the update. Your floors look fabulous!