Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And all it took was school

I am one of those I-hate-Valentine's-Day kind of girls. I once hosted a “I hate Valentine's Day” contest and the response was quite good.

My husband and I have never really celebrated, maybe because I said I didn't care about the greeting-card-company created holiday. Early on I may have given him a movie, but recently I buy some chocolate and some sour jube jubes (is there are point to any other kind?) and Valentine's is done.

Growing up, my parents would make us handmade greeting cards and a few candies, and I did the same for my little guy until this year.

This year, E is in school and they are having a Valentine's Day party complete with both healthy and unhealthy snacks and drinks. He told me they were making Valentine's “for their mommy, daddy or sister” at school. He had his Valentine's signed for all his friends by Monday and we have been counting down the days until Feb. 14 for more than a week. He is super excited.

And that excitement is catchy. For the first time, I am also excited for the Big Day to arrive (we played a 'pretend' game yesterday and it was both Christmas and Valentine's Day on the same day. Oh the joy).

Tonight after my little one went down, I made a banner that hangs on the banister. I made two Valentine's Day cards – one is sitting on the table with a few candies that he will be able to eat in the morning and a bag of candy for later. I made a second Valentine, which will be in his lunch bag along with three heart-shaped jube jubes. And I found a recipe for two-toned pancakes. I have set my alarm 10 minutes earlier to prepare for the Big Day.

There is only one thing missing. My coworker said her mom used to hide jelly beans for them to find on Valentine's Day. I thought that was such a fabulous idea that I bought a bag of candy-coated licorice to hide. The only problem is I can't find it. I am hoping its hiding spot will appear to me in my dreams tonight.

How about you? What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

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