Friday, January 20, 2012

I Hate Shoes

There I said it.

I hate shoes. I would probably like shoes more if I didn’t have to shop for them, or at least if it wasn’t a chore to shop for them.

The only good thing about this week’s boot shopping excursion was that it was easy. I walked into the store, was passed a pair of boots, tried them on and walked out. If all shoe shopping trips were that easy, I would love shoes, too.

Sadly my shoe shopping trips are never that easy. Just ask my mom who bravely purchased me work shoes for Christmas. Almost a month and three pairs later, my kind mother has given up.

The last pair of shoes (too big on one foot, too small on the other and not nearly as comfortable as the pair before) are going back and my poor, patient mom is giving me the money to buy my own shoes.

The last pair of work shoes I purchased was many years ago.

My brave coworker, a shoe fan, took me to the mall where I dismissed more shoes than I tried on – too tall, too much heel and ugly. Finally I found ones that were similar to my old ones and that fit.

I purchased them, got into her car and promptly threw up.

Coincidence? I am not sure.

I do know those same shoes were finished two years ago (they have a large crack in the sole) so it’s time to brave the shoe store again.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Very brave admitting you hate shoes! lol

Stephanie KD said...

I've not owned a trusty pair of winter boots ever – in my adult life winter boots have always managed to disappointment me. They are too short, too cold, not truly waterproof, and generally I tire of the style. Then last year when I said I really wanted a new pair of rain boots (because sadly my awesome green ones had died) my then boyfriend/now hubby bought me a pair of funky and awesome Bogs. Simply put - I LOVE THEM. They are warm, totally waterproof, can be worn in the spring and fall during the rainy weather and stand up extremely well in the cold slushy winter weather. I especially love that they have a dual purpose. They are only 1 year old - we shall see if they hold up like your Sorel’s did.

Nicole said...

It's funny, I do not like shoe shopping. BOOT shopping, yes. SANDAL shopping, yes. But not shoes.

Betty said...

I hate shoe shopping too, that's why I wear Sketchers. I do own a pair of shoes for "formal" wear but that's it.

Shoes in general are not made for women...... they are either too pointed, too high, too square.

Our feet are not made for these shoes, in fact, they are painful to wear.

Only a man would make such painful shoes for women.

Maybe men should wear women shoes for a day and they may design a more practical pair.

After wearing 3" heels, pointed toes during my working years, I now have a bunion to remind me of my must have shoes.

Oh well......

Mundanemomma said...

So you threw up in the poor coworkers car?
I hate shoe shopping too. I can never find what I think I want. I'll see shoes on someone else and compliment them, and then they inform me they bought them either A) in the States or B) several years ago. Then I go shopping, and everything looks ugly to me. Or I decide on something, and it ends up being terribly uncomfortable. And I can never decide on what size to get. Weird, I know, but I find I'll buy the bigger size, the shoe stretches and it ends up being too big, or I get the smaller size thinking it will stretch, and it doesn't. Then I don't wear it because it hurts. I only like buying running shoes.

Ginger said...

I hate shoe shopping. I mean, I actually hate most shopping, but I get so discouraged by shoe shopping. It seems like it should be so much easier than it is!

JoAnn said...

I'm walking with you all the way! I HATE shoe shopping more than bathing suit shopping! Yes, that's a lot of hate! I need heel grips, sole inserts, toe stuffers, socks and so forth even to get an ounce of comfort! My sister turned me onto an Italian made line of sandals that are heaven! I stuff them with socks to wear even in winter! Being menopausal, it works!