Thursday, January 5, 2012

And We Have Ice

It wasn’t frozen by Christmas but two days later we were skating on our ice rink.

At least Jamie and I were skating.

Our guy gets as far as attempting to put his helmet on, then deciding skating isn’t fun and asking to go inside for hot chocolate.

That attitude is a little concerning considering he is signed up for skating lessons beginning Wednesday.

What our guy thinks is really fun, however, is sitting on his new sled from Nana and Poppa and having Daddy send him flying around the ice.

I must say it does look like he is having fun with a grin that reaches from one side of his face to another.

Welcome to a winter of fun.


Christina Lee said...

Look at that little peanut!
Our little bean does the same thing--he'd rather run back in to his Legos or video game!

Nicole said...

How fun! When I was a kid I had a friend with a skating rink in her backyard, I thought that was the COOLEST.

Mundanemomma said...

Well, if he doesn't like skating you can always try again next year. The rink looks huge!