Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pee, Pee, Everywhere Pee

We started potty training our guy Sunday. We bought Kushies training pants, the reusable variety of Pull-ups.

Past readers of this blog knows my guy drinks a lot so therefore he pees a lot, too. For us, this means we spent a lot of time asking and taking him to the potty. For the record, he goes each time he sits down.

So far he hasn’t had any accidents but that may be because I take him every 15 minutes or so and I can only assume the daycare provider does so as well.

The daycare provider must have one of those freestanding potties. Prior to real potty training, my guy would prefer (thankfully) to go on the one that fits on our toilet.

But since Sunday, he requests the freestanding variety.

After he finishes peeing, he loves to empty the contents into the big toilet and flush.

Before heading off to the library yesterday afternoon, I asked my guy if he had to go. He said no, so I suggested we go together – E on the freestanding potty and me on the normal one. He finished first.

I think you know where this is heading because I saw it coming but didn’t react fast enough.

My guy stood up, grabbed the potty and dumped the contents all over me. I was covered in pee – a lot of pee.

‘Sorry, Mommy,’ he told me. ‘I clean you.’ And he did. He took toilet paper and wiped it off my wet jeans. I cleaned up the rest and changed before we went out.


Mundanemomma said...

Oh man! Best of luck with the potty training, it sounds like you are off to a great start! The important thing now is to NOT GIVE UP (not that you would!). There will be setbacks. There will be days, or weeks when you might say, "What the heck? Last week you did great, now you're peeing your pants every two minutes??!" Just hang in there. It is not uncommon for kids to do great for a while, then regress a bit, then do great again. In a week or so you should extend the trip to every half hour, and then every hour. After all, potty training is all about learning to hold it as well as when to release it! Way to go E!!

Nicole said...

I am only going to make one comment: potty training is the worst. THAT IS ALL.

Kim said...

AAAAGGHH! NO! No, I did NOT see that coming! It's only pee . . . it's only pee . . . aaagh!

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Thank you for your kind words on my SITS feature day. :) My daughter got out of school a week ago last Wednesday and they start back the middle of August.

Making It Work Mom said...

Oh No!!! I would like to say that I can't even imagine, but I so can! Well obviously it could have been worse.

Betty said...

Have you tried buying him a pair of underwear like "Daddy" wears ..... you can get some cute ones. My niece tried it with her son; I think she bought spiderman or something..... he didn't want to get them wet and used the potty all the time. No accidents even when he went to bed at night.

It's amazing what goes on in their little heads.

When my daughter was little, when we had to go out for the day we would put her in a diaper and of course she peed in it. When she was at home all day playing or outside playing with her cotton panties.... she was dry and if she had to pee, she ran to the toilet.

So, no more diapers.

It works. Try it.

Victoria said...

That is hilarious, and gross....I'm not really looking forward to the potty training process.

Mz-Cellaneous said...

I can say, I made it all the way through potty training without a lap full of someone else's pee. Thank you lord.

Lindsay said...

Oh my. I am sorry to say, but this story made me LoL. That could only happen to a mom! On the bright side of getting covered in pee, it sounds like your boy (and you) is doing a great job at potty training!