Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poor Thing

Cosmo, the cat, was looking quite intently in the backyard this morning. I opened the curtains, thinking he was interested in catching a shadfly or two, when I realized he had his eye on something much bigger – a deer.

While there is a forest about 10 minutes down the street, I am far enough away that deer usually don’t make a foray into our yard (except once before).

I locked Cosmo in the bathroom and opened the patio door. I tried to talk in a calm manner to the scared creature while also taking its picture. It was only after I attempted to take video that I realized it was hurt badly.

I woke up my husband and suggested we call someone but he said realistically by the time anyone got here, the deer would be long gone. Instead, I opened the side door and the deer found its way out.

My pictures and video are awful – too dark out and too far away but here they are any way.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Poor baby! I hope she will heal. Isn't it awesome when you get an up close look at one of those glorious creatures!

Nicole said...

Awwww! Poor little one!!!

Victoria said...

That's so sad, poor little deer.