Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Potty updates
On Feb. 2 my little guy peed on the potty, on purpose. He ran up to it, straddled it, strained and out came some pee.

We clapped and we cheered.

But when I suggested to my guy that he was sitting on the potty backwards, he informed me that no, he wasn’t.
Who am I to judge?

On Sunday, my brother asked if he could tickle my guy, but E said no because he was pooping.

On Tuesday in the bath, he started to pee. I told him we don’t pee in the tub and passed him a cup. His face lit up with delight when he half-filled the cup, which Daddy then poured into the toilet and flushed away.

Are we potty training? No, but we will get there eventually.

Disturbing Content Warning

Several weeks ago, my husband was watching a show about various ways to die. Most of the episodes were things like a woman had a thing for eating dirt. Sadly, she chose to eat the dirt in her neighbour’s garden.

Even more sad – and disgusting – was her neighbour was putting his feces in the garden. She died of E. Coli.

Another woman thought consuming a tapeworm to help her lose weight was a good idea. You can imagine what happened there.

In with situations such as a javelin thrower running into his stick and a S&M guy who had an anaphylactic reaction, there was one situation that I am disgusted someone included in the 1000 Ways to Die.

While all of the above ways to die are sad and unfortunate, I disagree the producers of this show added a tragedy in its lineup.

The video showed an airliner crashing into the ocean close to a Caribbean resort. According to the announcer on the show, the airline was hijacked and the pilot crashed his plane into the waters, killing most people on board.

While this is indeed a way to die, the victims had no choice.

The producers of this show had no right to include this tragedy in a show that mocks people’s stupidity.

Bring on Spring
It’s going to be warm and raining today and tomorrow it’s going to be double digits.

Sadly, the weekend is suppose to be cold and snow. But Monday is the Family Day holiday in Canada. Bring on the long weekend.


Caitlin {Pacifier In My Pocket} said...

Ugh, I'm pretty sure I've seen ads for that show. Is it on Spike? 1,000 Ways to Die or something? Yuck!

But congrats on the potty, that's awesome! I'll be starting that process soon with Bink too.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I agree. Who's to say sitting on the potty backwards isn't a great way to go. Kiss him for me and tell him yeah!

That seems really insensitive of the producers to include the plane crash. I bet they got a lot of negative mail for that one. Maybe they'll think it through better next time.

It's funny though how many times this post referenced people going to the bathroom.

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Betty said...

I've watched 1000 Way To Die and at first thought it was a joke but it isn't.... these are true real deaths. I don't watch it anymore, I find it "sick". Sorry.

Mundanemomma said...

Yay for E! And yay for you guys too! You'll soon be rid of diapers!