Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby ‘Goshua’ (Joshua)

I picked up Baby Goshua, as my son likes to call my Cabbage Patch Kid doll, last night and realized Joshua's soother is broken. The ring has snapped.

Although saddened by this, I suppose I am not all that surprised.

Joshua has seen a lot. I received him as a Christmas gift from my aunt the year of the Cabbage Patch Craze in 1983.

I wasn’t expecting to get one but was so excited when I opened the package and saw his blue eyes starring back at me. (My aunt was hoping I would hate him so she could keep him but it wasn’t to be. Joshua is unique. He is smaller than a full-sized doll but is not a preemie.)

While Joshua was the perfect baby, I was much older than my son is now when I received him. And while I did leave him in the car once, causing his head to get super soft in the sun, I never threw him down the stairs, hit him, laid on him or bashed him on the floor because he was crying too much.

As a note, my guy is made to apologize when he does such things and I tell him we never throw babies down the stairs. Try saying that in a serious voice when talking about a doll.

So while I am sad my Baby Joshua now has a split soother, I am glad he is being loved all over again.


Amy said...

I love Cabbage Patch babies! I still have mine too!

Penelope said...

What a great relic for your kids. I have no dolls from my childhood. My dolls were naked the first day. What does that mean?

The BabbyMama said...

Ooh, I would love to give my daughter a Cabbage Patch doll, but boy are they expensive these days! Especially the old ones, and I didn't save any of mine.

Gaspegirl said...

I have my CPK too and we experience the same things at my house with my "old" toys as well as my hubbys... the kids are so much harder on them... they are rougher. I hope that Joshy is loved for a long time!

Visiting from SITS, make it a great day!!

Kim said...

I am constantly struggling with whether to let my girls play with my older dolls/stuffed animals or wear my things . . . sometimes my girls surprise me with their care; other times they lose or destroy or just don't get the sentimentality attached to the object.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

In all the times we've talked about Baby Goshua I never thought of giving one of my CPK to Matthew. Maybe I should dig one out.

Sorry about the soother.

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Nicole said...

I had a Cabbage Patch Kid - I think it was Xmas of 1982. Or 1983? Anyway, her name was Kora Candi. I loved her so much - she had brown hair and brown eyes just like her mom (me). My grandma made a whole wardrobe for her.

Making It Work Mom said...

I love it. I never had a Cabbage Patch Doll - too old I guess! But love that you kept yours for your little one.

Ashley Marie said...

I remember those!! I had so many and I loved them all :)